How to Get Home Every Holiday... while broke

Ciao a tutti! That Italian for what’s up ya’ll. This break has been short but very good. Going to school in a different state can be difficult sometimes.

All of my friends from high school went to universities in different states. We are all pretty independent, but it was not until I spent Thanksgiving in Minnesota without my family that I realized nobody is too independent to not need their family. I thought I was saving a buck (or $400) by staying in Minnesota and not going to Missouri but instead I lost a lot in not going home. My family has always been a dysfunctional support system that keeps me grounded and going. They understand me and my growth and they never attack my culture, because they are apart of it.

Nobody understands you quite like your family, so here’s a tip to all of my entering out of state students. Never miss a holiday with your family. If you are experiencing some financial issues, here are some options for the student who is “balling? on a budget.

1. Buy your travel tickets at least a month in advance.------
2. Check at least four websites before you buy a plane ticket.
3. Look at other travel alternatives ( carpooling with someone else from your state and offer them gas money and or food for compensation)
4. Take a bus ( usually costs between $15 and $25 and goes to most of the major cities surrounding the University like Milawaukee, Chicago, Madison and even my favorite city, my hometown Saint Louis.) Greyhound is also always a good choice. Greyhounds will take you anywhere. You meet interesting people and the buses are way less than your average plane ticket, though they might be trading price for speed.
5. You can also take a train. Trains cost more than buses, because they are faster and there is also more room to stretch and sleep.

There are ways to see you family in tough times. Seeing my family during Christmas was one of the greatest Christmas gifts I could have gotten and it was also a nice reminder of why I went to school out of state. lol Happy Holidays all!!!

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