Taking Everything with a Cup of Sugar... My New Year's Resolution

Hola again! So another year brings another New Year’s Resolution. Well I have decided to start my New Year’s Resolution early. Instead of complaining about the problems in the community I decided after a very informative Ambassadors meeting to help solve them.

I have just become a Big Sister, through the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters program. This is great. I have a natural big sister who inspired me to make responsible decisions in life and now I will be able to do the same thing as well as teach my little sister cool little things I learned like knitting, crocheting, yoga and fun community service activities.

I have also decided to let positive thoughts control my life. For Christmas, I bought my mommy a book called The Secret and it talked about how when we invite positive thoughts into our life we invite positive things into our life and we transfer our positive energy to whomever we are around. I want to give my loved one the gift of positive energy, but that cannot be achieved unless I myself am positive and take everything that happens with a cup of sugar opposed to a grain of salt.

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