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Missing Mexico Miserably!!!

OMG! After two weeks in Mexico studying immigration issues. I have decided two things.

1) I am definitely going back to Mexico to get Mari (our personal chef's) recipes and 2) I need to do something about the unjust things that are going on in our country and the prejudice that is being committed against Mexican Americans.

Y-Immersion allowed us to see an unbiased view of issues happening at the border. We stayed at Casa Incah and talked to teenagers deported from America, many of which had been in America the majority of their lives and couldn't speak Spanish. We also met with Minute Men, self proclaimed patriots who patrol the border to return Mexican migrants. We met border patrol officers as well and saw the miles of impenetrable border that was being built daily.There are so many sides to this issue and people are passionate about each one. However, when I went to Casa Cornelia an immigration law firm based in San Diego and learned that American Citizen were being deported. I was furious.

Despite having one of the most multicultural presidents in American history we still have people who are being treated unjustly because of their color, religion and sexual orientation. My new president has restored hope to the nation but his vision cannot be fulfilled if he is the only one working to end discrimination. We have to work together as a collective. This is why I have now chosen to go to law school and study civil rights law. I want to be the change I want to see in the world.

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