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Back to Business

What's good everyone?! I've gone for a minute, but I'm back in business. I've had a lot goin on in my life in these past few weeks.

Learning Abroad

Over winter break I went to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates on a Study Abroad excursion through the University of Minnesota.

Spring Semester is Flying by...

Spring semester is almost half way over and I am starting to contemplate what I am going to do this coming summer. I have currently narrowed my options down to three choices...

Studying Abroad--Who said you have to do school work?!

As I approach the middle of my fifth week here at the University of Ulster-Jordanstown, I would like it's a crime to do school work. Let me explain. The Irish culture is MUCH slower paced than the rest of the world. They do everything here with a little bit of a drag, except for driving. Most students that I have talked to here have yet to even open a book for any of their classes. Now, I understand that may be the case for some students at the U of M, but not me. I feel like I am already falling behind, yet Irish students keep telling me not to worry.

There's a first time for... lots of things...

It seems I'm always writing about how quickly the time is passing or something of that nature. This time, I'm taking some time to reflect on these first few weeks of Spring Semester 2009.

This semester is filled with first-times for me...

Spring - it's all about what's new

Spring Semester...

new job (which means new digs!)
...and new classes

A Greek Weekend!

Although Valentine's Day is a depressing weekend for many, this weekend was one of the best I have had since 2009 began. It was filled with love alright, but the friendship type, not the relationship kind.

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