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A Greek Weekend!

Although Valentine's Day is a depressing weekend for many, this weekend was one of the best I have had since 2009 began. It was filled with love alright, but the friendship type, not the relationship kind.

me and thomas cropped.jpg
Thomas and I right after the probate

You have seen those reality TV shows like Sorority Life, Fraternity Life and Greek? Well Greek life is a major aspect of life for some people on our campus. This weekend, I got to witness that firsthand. On Friday, one of my best friends, Thomas Toley, officially became a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, one of the most prestigious fraternities on our campus. It takes a lot of discipline, hard work, and determination to join and it was so beautiful to see him grow as a person and come into fruition. Speaking of great friends, fellow ambassadors Yuri and Bobby were also able to come to the probate (the ceremony held where the new members are revealed to the campus). I was crying so hard only because my heart was honestly smiling with joy, I am SO PROUD of him! I know that it will provide him with many opportunities while he is on campus and even more once he graduates.

I have many friends who have joined frats or sororities and become "Greek". I have yet to meet one who regretted it. Frats and sororities not only offer a chance to make lifelong friends, but also provide opportunities to do service in the community and better the campus as a whole. I definitely think that it can enrich the college experience. I believe that watching TV shows like the ones I mentioned do not give a truly accurate picture of all that Greek life can be- many just show parties or cat-like altercations, but it is about so much more than those trivial things. The Office for Fraternity & Sorority Life has lots of information for those who are interested. Also, sites like http://www.blackgreek.com/divinenine/index.html give more info about the historically Black Greek letter organizations (BGLO's) that make up the National Pan-Hellenic Council. Check it out!

This weekend was also the 7th Annual Midwest Greek Step Show where Black Greek step teams come from all over the Midwest to battle in a competition for $1000. It is co-sponsored by Minnesota 4-H also. Throughout the night, not only were there awesome steppers, but presentations in the form of video, rap, dance, song, and speech from current middle and high schoolers who are involved with 4-H. It was awesome to see them using their various gifts and talents positively. As far as the actual competition, Alpha Phi Alpha Inc., who I mentioned earlier, won again this year for the 7th time in a row. Their practice definitely pays off as their steps are creative, precise, and 'cold' enough to beat the competition year after year. The other participants did well also, there was one group in full Joker (from Batman) uniform and another group of ladies (Delta Sigma Theta) who were on point!
Though the tickets were kind of pricey, and it happened to be Valentine's Day, there were a lot of people there. Many people showed up to support the different organizations and root for their favorite team. It was definitely a night filled with excitement.

thomas crazy.jpg

Afterward, Thomas and some of our other best friends discovered a place on campus called "Tony's Diner" that serves breakfast all day.

Until next time, BE EZ!

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