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This last week I attended Gradfest, the University sponsored event to prepare all graduating students for commencement and beyond graduation. It was basically a large grad fair, and it there were a lot of people to see and booths to get information at.

College of Liberal Arts Major Fair…

This week is filled with a very big event for the College of Liberal Arts. The Major Fair is this upcoming Wednesday, April 1st in Willey Hall from 10:00 to 2:00 and is open to any student who wants to discover more information about a possible major or minor in the College of Liberal Arts. I was able to help plan this event and run it through my involvement with the College of Liberal Arts Student Board.

Getting involved is easy!!

What's going on everybody?! Hope everyone is doing well! I've been cool. Just really busy. We're getting ready for the CLA Open House which is coming up this weekend on the 6th. I hope some of you are able to make it out.

Interning in the Twin Cities

This semester I have been interning at the Minnesota State Senate. It has been really interesting so far, and has really contributed to my college experience.

Busy B-Term Ahead...

Spring break just ended and classes have started up again. This past spring break was very relaxing for me.

Taxation without Representation is Lame! Let DC, Vote

This spring break I coordinated a trip to Washington, DC to study voting rights issues. Most people do not know that the people of Washington, DC do not have representation.

Spring break - too frantic, too busy, and too short

As I was plowing through midterms, all I could think about was Spring Break. The sun, the beach, Grandma's cookin'... everything was going to be perfect.

Pre-Spring Break: Time for R & R!

It is hard to believe how fast this semester is going. Day-by-day it can be challenging and busy, but as soon as you know it's over. Next week is the week many students are looking forward to, and that's SPRING BREAK.

It's Easy to Get Involved...Even in a Foreign Country!

It may seem strange to you that I'm putting all my time and energy into being actively involved on this campus even though I'll only be here for another two and a half months. Why am I doing this you ask?

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