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Taxation without Representation is Lame! Let DC, Vote

This spring break I coordinated a trip to Washington, DC to study voting rights issues. Most people do not know that the people of Washington, DC do not have representation.

They have a non voting delegate in Congress and no senators. That pretty much sucks when they have the most military per capita of any city and they pay taxes. Thus the reason their license plates read "Taxation without Representation." I was so excited to lead a trip to the Capitol and work with groups like DC, Vote and DC, Represent and meet with Congressman Jessie Jackson Jr. as well as other influential people in the house and in the Senate. I was prepared to fight for HR. 665( its a bill) but by the end of my trip I learned a lot about leadership.

While leading this trip I learned that all people cannot be lead the same. For instance, my Co-Leader was younger than all of the other trip attendees and was very shy. He works better when he's delegated tasks. Some people need a leader who gives them freedom and others need a leader who micromanages, and then there are people who just want to lead.

On this trip I learned that being a good leader means identifying what type of leadership is needed. I realize that "You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time." Sometimes you have to put your foot down and you will be respected for it but for the most part compromise is a must.

I also learned that if everyone likes you all of the time while you are leading then you are probably doing a horrible job. lol Washington, DC taught me a lot about leadership, despite me thinking I knew everything that there is to know.

I wonder if President Obama has been as fortunate. I'm not sure but I am guessing he has learned a lot about leadership too in Washington, because he is doing a great job!

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