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New York Here I Come! (Thanks to UofM faculty)

Tuesday morning I found out after a 4 month application process, 2 long interviews and waiting for what seemed like years but in actuality was only two months, I found out that I received the internship of my dream. I am going to New York for the summer.

In September I applied for a program called the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program, which is an organization which helps major advertising and marketing firms to recruit qualified multicultural students for the summer to work in the advertising industry.

I worked hard to on this internship, but if it had not been for faculty like Professor Jisu Huh and Catherine Squires constantly sending students updates to me about internship opportunities I would never have known to apply.

I was also fortunate to have the support of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication staff. Maggie Cosgrove helped with my printing and scanning needs (my printer at home is sucky to say the least) and Linda Lindholm was constantly checking in on me and giving me support.

I am also thankful for all the internships that I had in the past which were not always the greatest. I remember having to sprint down the street in heels outside of Clear Channel waving a banner screaming "100.3! The number 1 station for Hip Hop and R&B!" in 100 degree whether or working 40 plus hours a week in Abercrombie and Fitch where everyone seemed to be a size and the music was so loud I am almost certain I have permanent eardrum damage, but now that I look back it was all worth it.

If i had not paid my dues I would not have had the experience needed to obtain and internship at Young & Rubicam, also referred to as Y&R, one of the most prestigious advertising companies in the world. I feel very blessed and feel very grateful.

I hope that every single person who comes to the University gets stuck with a sucky internship, to learn valuable lessons and skills that will bring them closer to their ultimate dream.


Krystal Bradford

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