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Life in the Twin Cities...

One of the main differences between the University of Minnesota and other Big Ten Universities is that this University is located in a very urban environment. The University of Minnesota is only a short bus ride away from the heart of Minneapolis...

A Quiet Night in Toledo

After a full, long day of traveling home from Mallorca, I am left alone with my thought. (That's right, I only have one).

Get Involved!

One commonly expressed fear for first year students is leaving their old friends back home and trying to find new friends and create a niche at their new school. It can be rather daunting heading to a new place where you may not know anyone. However, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of opportunities to meet other students and create long-lasting friendships.

TCF Bank Stadium...

With our upcoming home football game against Michigan State I thought I would take a moment to write about our amazing new outdoor football stadium.

Oooh...it's STUDY abroad....

So when I signed up for this trip, I must have forgot that it is a school that I am going to be in where I will be studying Spanish.

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