Missing that Steak & Kidney Pie!

I am back from England and getting back into the swing of school. I had a great time. There were many things that were different from the US, one being a delicious dish filled with steak and kidney called Steak and Kidney Pie! As gross as it sounds, it was my absolute favorite thing about England!


I spent 16 days in England over winter break- what an interesting experience. While the U of MN Twin Cities offers several options to travel the globe. A course titled " History and Soccer: The Rise of the World's Game" offered through U of MN Duluth worked better for me this time. It is awesome that one can study abroad in so many ways through so many programs, one is not limited to just their home school. There were two other girls from the U of MN Twin Cities, and the other 11 students were from U of MN Duluth. It was great to get to know new people.

We stayed in Birmingham (England's second largest city) for the majority of the trip, however we did visit London for 3 days, as well as Liverpool, York, Oxford, Warwick. There are many cool things to do, see, and eat in all of those places. London was fast-paced and filled with people- very New York-esque. People move so quickly as if they are always late. In London, we were able to see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Picadilly Circus, the Tower Bridge, the London Bridge and a few of the other famous sites. Just for a taste of home, we also visited McDonalds, KFC, and Cinnabon, there are quite a few differences between those places in the US and London.mcd.jpg

Part of the course's focus was the sport of soccer so we were able to go to a game, and tour a few of the stadiums. Soccer, also known as football abroad, is a very big deal outside of the US. Life and death can literally be on the line for certain games. We were able to talk to some of the locals and it was clear to see that football reigned above all else.

There were so many cool things on the trip, I'll have to share more in the next blog. Suffice it to say that travelling abroad to England was a great experience and I am glad to take advantage of the opportunity. Remember, check out umabroad.umn.edu to see all of the places you can go!

Until next time, BE EZ!

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