So the days are getting longer, but time is getting shorter. Commencement (aka Graduation) is approaching way too quickly!

So there are about 6 weeks left until's hard to type that. I know it's super cliche, but time really does fly. Each day/week/month seems long when you're going
through it, but when you look back, it's all a blur.

My graduation is May 16 and there is lots to do before then. However, I am now the new owner of a commencement cap, gown, and CLA tassel. Every year, the U hosts GradFest, a day for seniors to get everything settled. It was held in the Great Hall and there were lots of booths. One can order graduation announcements, sign up for an alumni account at TCF, look at housing options, order class rings, take photos and lots of other stuff. The U of M Alumni Association was there giving free gifts and explaining what being a member means. I definitely plan to join once I graduate, it seems like a great way to stay connected to the U. I was able to look at thesis binding options (yay!) at the University and look at the different types of sashes that one can add to their gown to spice it up. It was awesome to get all of that in one place. I've tried on my gown a couple times...feels scary LOL. Hopefully, the days will slow down a bit before I have to wear it on the BIG day.
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