Spring Fever!

It's officially wonderful weather again here in the cities and I couldn't be happier. Do you ever notice how much happier everyone looks just being able to walk around campus without a jacket/parka/snow shoes (kidding...kind of)?

Unfortunately we're just getting back into the swing of things after Spring Break. One thing I love about college is that we have a break so early in the semester that helps break up the time. In Fall, we're in classes longer before we have a holiday, and the early break, wonderful improvement in weather, and anticipation toward the end of the year and summer really helps me. And, for some reason, I am more inclined to get work done when it's nice outside! My favorite thing to do is lay in the mall and listen to music and read in between classes. Haha...how "college" does that sound? Anyways, I'm looking forward to another end to a successful and difficult junior year, especially because I'm graduating early. Not sure I'm quite ready to be out looking for full-time jobs. Things I can't let go of:
- getting up at 11
- making ramen noodles, pizza, and mac n cheese
- walking to class (in nice weather), therefore paying less for gas
- using the recreation center...for free
- lounging in Coffman Union
- volunteering as a student
- pretending to study while people watching in the Purple Onion
- getting a student discount at Loring Pasta Bar
- singing in my a cappella group
- working on campus at convenient times
- making new friends in class every semester

There's so much more but I'm starting to get verklempt and off to my night class: Counseling Psychology. It's a good one. Until next time....

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