MCAE Graduation!

Yesterday, I had the honor of sitting among brilliant scholars. Not only have these students completed the tasks necessary to graduate, they have also overcome many obstacles to do so, and that's what made the ceremony so special.


The MCAE Graduation is a time for family, students, and graduates to come together and celebrate achievements. It is open to everyone, but focuses on students of diverse backgrounds. I really like this ceremony because I get to see people who reflect my culture, and I think that is specifically imperative on a campus like ours. It was a time that I could reconnect with people I had not seen since high school or freshman year. It is funny how people can go their separate ways and still come together later in life.

The graduation ceremony was a "pre-graduation" of sorts, happening about 2 weeks before my official college ceremony. It was great practice for the CLA one and also let me know that I need to work on something cute to do as I walk across. I waved a little but the moment happened so fast. You wait four years and then it's over in 5 seconds. I am going to do a Michael Jackson move or elongated princess wave or something. I must make the moment last!

Realistically, I probably won't do any of that. Between the general excitement, making sure the speaker says your name right, making sure you are not on the heels of the person in front of you, not holding up the person in back of you, making sure the cap does not fall off and walking successfully in heels, there is already ENOUGH to worry about! Again, this is a stressful (the positive kind) time but also a climactic and exciting point in life. I am going to do my best to enjoy it along the way and cherish these moments. I can guarantee that the MCAE graduation ceremony last night is a memory I will cherish for years to come!

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