December 23, 2009

Done with finals...

I just finished my last final at 10:00 this morning and I am ready to enjoy a relaxing winter break and catch up on some sleep.

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December 22, 2009

All Abroad!

Now that finals are over, I am looking forward to my next big adventure, traveling to England for winter break!

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December 20, 2009

Almost There!

I am less than 24 hours from being done with Finals! Excited for me? Me too!

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December 14, 2009

Finals are Approaching...

This upcoming Wednesday, December 16th is the last day of classes for the semester! However, there is still another full week of finals to endure until the semester is truly over... Finals can be a bit daunting but there are a lot of great resources to help students through this final week of the school year.

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CLA Commencement

The tears, the tassles, the journey! Today was my last time working the CLA Commencement Ceremony after having worked 8 graduation ceremonies. So bittersweet!

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December 5, 2009

And the Scholarship Goes to... Me. Really???

So many students are apprehensive about coming straight to a University because of the high expense. However, those students fail to consider that universities often offer scholarships throughout the undergraduate experience. The hardest part is usually applying.

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Loring Pasta Bar...

The College of Liberal Arts Student Board held its traditional Food for Thought Banquet at the Loring Pasta Bar this past Tuesday, December 1st. This is the first time in the last two years that the external committee decided to organize the event at a more formal, sit-down restaurant and the results were extraordinary...

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November 30, 2009

12 Pages? Piece of Cake

Writing papers this time of year is quite common. Lucky for me, I have found a "hidden" treasure to help!

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November 24, 2009

A Rough One

So...not gonna lie, sometimes college is hard, and even the best of students can procrastinate too long. In the movies, they show the parties and the fun, but somehow the scenes where you stay up all night studying and writing a paper don't make the cut haha.

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November 13, 2009

It's an Art Fair!

Friday, November 13th, 4:00pm:

You may be thinking to yourself: why is this dude sitting down, writing a blog on a Friday evening when he could be out enjoying the start of the weekend? Thanks for asking! I decided to sit down and write a blog because I am currently in the Board Office of the College of Liberal Arts Student Governing Body waiting for undergraduate students to drop off their art work.

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I "Experienced" Minnesota!

There is no greater feeling than volunteering at an event and leaving feeling like you really had an impact on others. The Experience MN event this year was one of the best yet!

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November 7, 2009

Who said it has to be cold in Minnesota?

It is currently November 7th and I am sitting in my apartment getting ready to go enjoy some time in the beautiful weather outside. Yes, I mentioned November and beautiful weather in the same sentence. Who said it has to be cold in Minnesota all the time?

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October 30, 2009

Life in the Twin Cities...

One of the main differences between the University of Minnesota and other Big Ten Universities is that this University is located in a very urban environment. The University of Minnesota is only a short bus ride away from the heart of Minneapolis...

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October 22, 2009

Get Involved!

One commonly expressed fear for first year students is leaving their old friends back home and trying to find new friends and create a niche at their new school. It can be rather daunting heading to a new place where you may not know anyone. However, there is no need to worry. There are plenty of opportunities to meet other students and create long-lasting friendships.

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October 14, 2009

TCF Bank Stadium...

With our upcoming home football game against Michigan State I thought I would take a moment to write about our amazing new outdoor football stadium.

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September 30, 2009

Senior Year = Whirlwind

Have you ever felt like "your world keeps spinning, feeling like it never started it but it's all ending"? (John Reuben)

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September 29, 2009

Service-Learning in the Community...

For the past two years I have contemplated taking a Chicano Studies class based on Service-Learning in the Chicano/Latino Community. This class is basically built around the idea that there are many limitations within schools in the US/Minnesota that hinder educational opportunities for Latino students.

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May 12, 2009

Almost a Wrap!

Only 2 assignments stand in the way of me being all done with finals. I am almost an official graduating senior, which I have mixed feelings about. This year has went by quickly, lots of great things have happened socially and academically, and now I am ready for the summer to begin!

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May 11, 2009

Revising for Examinations

There are 18 days left in this beautiful country of Northern Ireland for me. That is 432 hours or 25,920 minutes or 1,555,200 seconds. How am I going to spend this precious time, you ask?! REVISION!

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April 27, 2009

It's Getting Crazy!

Hey everyone!
The semester is winding down, which means homework, papers and tests are piling up! These are the times when college life doesn't seem so fun, but these are also the days I will miss when it's over. This weekend, which was not filled with studious activities as planned, was awesome!

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April 22, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

The spring is such an exciting time around campus. Every year, I forget how much I love the weather, the events (like Wednesday night Twins games and Spring Jam), and the people. The first few nice days once the ground thaws seem to bring EVERYONE out to grill, rollerblade, run, nap and study under the sun – to be honest, I feel bad for people who go to school in Arizona or Florida.

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April 20, 2009

Looking forward...

Every time I look at my calendar, I have to blink. It says that I only have 6 more weeks in Northern Ireland, but I could have sworn it was more. I have been here since January 17th which is hard to believe, but it is the truth. I have yet to come to terms with leaving this country, but alas, I must starting figuring out what I'm going to be doing this summer and how I am going to make back all the money I have been spending over here.

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April 7, 2009

Resources At Your Fingertips

This semester has consisted of a lot of research papers for me this semester, and as I continue tackling all of the important topics, I’ve spent more and more time utilizing the University Library Services.

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April 3, 2009

New York Here I Come! (Thanks to UofM faculty)

Tuesday morning I found out after a 4 month application process, 2 long interviews and waiting for what seemed like years but in actuality was only two months, I found out that I received the internship of my dream. I am going to New York for the summer.

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March 31, 2009


This last week I attended Gradfest, the University sponsored event to prepare all graduating students for commencement and beyond graduation. It was basically a large grad fair, and it there were a lot of people to see and booths to get information at.

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College of Liberal Arts Major Fair…

This week is filled with a very big event for the College of Liberal Arts. The Major Fair is this upcoming Wednesday, April 1st in Willey Hall from 10:00 to 2:00 and is open to any student who wants to discover more information about a possible major or minor in the College of Liberal Arts. I was able to help plan this event and run it through my involvement with the College of Liberal Arts Student Board.

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March 30, 2009

Getting involved is easy!!

What's going on everybody?! Hope everyone is doing well! I've been cool. Just really busy. We're getting ready for the CLA Open House which is coming up this weekend on the 6th. I hope some of you are able to make it out.

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March 24, 2009

Interning in the Twin Cities

This semester I have been interning at the Minnesota State Senate. It has been really interesting so far, and has really contributed to my college experience.

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Busy B-Term Ahead...

Spring break just ended and classes have started up again. This past spring break was very relaxing for me.

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Taxation without Representation is Lame! Let DC, Vote

This spring break I coordinated a trip to Washington, DC to study voting rights issues. Most people do not know that the people of Washington, DC do not have representation.

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March 12, 2009

Pre-Spring Break: Time for R & R!

It is hard to believe how fast this semester is going. Day-by-day it can be challenging and busy, but as soon as you know it's over. Next week is the week many students are looking forward to, and that's SPRING BREAK.

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It's Easy to Get Involved...Even in a Foreign Country!

It may seem strange to you that I'm putting all my time and energy into being actively involved on this campus even though I'll only be here for another two and a half months. Why am I doing this you ask?

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February 28, 2009

Back to Business

What's good everyone?! I've gone for a minute, but I'm back in business. I've had a lot goin on in my life in these past few weeks.

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Learning Abroad

Over winter break I went to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates on a Study Abroad excursion through the University of Minnesota.

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February 26, 2009

Spring Semester is Flying by...

Spring semester is almost half way over and I am starting to contemplate what I am going to do this coming summer. I have currently narrowed my options down to three choices...

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February 15, 2009

A Greek Weekend!

Although Valentine's Day is a depressing weekend for many, this weekend was one of the best I have had since 2009 began. It was filled with love alright, but the friendship type, not the relationship kind.

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January 31, 2009

Back to School...

Winter break went by way to fast! I decided to spend my winter break back in my hometown enjoying home cooked meals and visiting with family. I also stayed very busy managing the local movie theater in my town since business picks up during the holidays. It was great seeing everyone again and getting caught up on all of the recently released Blockbuster Hits.

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January 24, 2009

Spring '09: Let's Get It Started

After over a month off, school is back in session. The funny thing is that although breaks could always be longer, I am actually excited about this semester.

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January 21, 2009

Dublin City Centre Onward...

My amazing journey began close to one week ago, January 16th from O'Hare Airport in Chicago, Illinois.

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December 29, 2008

Taking Everything with a Cup of Sugar... My New Year's Resolution

Hola again! So another year brings another New Year’s Resolution. Well I have decided to start my New Year’s Resolution early. Instead of complaining about the problems in the community I decided after a very informative Ambassadors meeting to help solve them.

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How to Get Home Every Holiday... while broke

Ciao a tutti! That Italian for what’s up ya’ll. This break has been short but very good. Going to school in a different state can be difficult sometimes.

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December 20, 2008

Checking Things Off the List

So finals are over, and now I get a chance to relax a little bit and start thinking about next semester. I actually already have homework, but it’s not so bad, especially because in about a week I will be flying halfway across the world and starting my study abroad experience.

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December 18, 2008


The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. By the end of this day, we all be reveling in sweet, sweet, FREEDOM!

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December 8, 2008

A Minnesota Winter...

A few years ago I traveled down to Florida to visit some family friends during winter break. The temperature stayed around 60 degrees throughout our visit. It was a little cool to spend time swimming at the beach but I enjoyed getting the chance to break out my shorts and t-shirts. I also remember my Floridian friends thinking I was crazy as they bundled up in jeans and light jackets before we would go out at night!

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December 4, 2008

It's Official...

Winter is here. I have a pretty high tolerance for cold (I used to wear shorts and hoodies all winter), but I'm not really feelin this. I am excited to be able to play in the snow though once it really starts to fall. Plus winter means its almost time for winter break!!!

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November 30, 2008

Nothing Like November

November has certainly been a busy month! We are now in the home stretch though, only about 1 week until the end of classes. The semester seems so slow week-to-week, but then you look back and it's all goneI Let's review the month of November.

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The Final Stretch...

With Thanksgiving in the rear view mirror, it’s time for the final stretch of school. Over Thanksgiving Break I put in a lot of hours managing the two movie theatres I worked for over the summer. It was nice to see everyone from work and make some extra money, but I also find myself thinking about all of the homework and studying I could have been doing this past weekend…

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Hey guys, so I just got back to my apartment from being home for Thanksgiving Break. It was great seeing my family, I realized how much I actually missed them when I went home this year, it's an aspect of your life that you don't really miss until you leave it for a long time and then go back to it.

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November 25, 2008

Oh no, I'm so stuffed...

With Thanksgiving less than 48 hours away I figured it would be all too appropriate to write a blog concerning how badly I "overstocked my plate" this semester. I am in Walter Library - I just finished two hours worth of physiology reading and am about to dive right into chemistry until the library closes at midnight. Some might consider this a busy night, but it is one of the many previously unknown rituals that I have suddenly become accustomed to this year. If only you knew. . .

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November 21, 2008

Late Thursday Nights/Early Friday Mornings…


Why am I writing a blog entry at 2:15 in the morning? Truthfully, I am not really sure why. I am in the process of writing a paper that is due tomorrow morning and am currently in the process of pulling an all-nighter in order to complete this task.

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November 19, 2008

American Model United Nations!

It seems lately that I don’t even have time to look forward to Thanksgiving Break. When I’m not in class, studying for class, reading for class, or meeting with professors about class… I’m getting ready for the American International Model United Nations Conference. Saturday is the beginning of four full days of debating United Nations policies for everything from economics to human rights to the environment and climate change.

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November 18, 2008

20 pages in about 20 days...

Whats up? Im back again letting you know whats going on. Sorry again that it took so long to get back to you guys, but as the title says, I've been working on a couple papers for the past 20 days. Here's what happened.

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November 11, 2008

Study Abroad... While Broke

I have five siblings, two nephews, no money, and Christmas is just around the corner, however I just got my passport and I am studying abroad winter break. I believe that studying abroad is something fundamental that every college student should experience. Unfortunately, not everyone has the finances to so, so I decided that this blog I'll talk about the great ways you can study abroad, despite insufficient cash flow.

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November 10, 2008

Freaking Out

The past few weeks have been jam-packed with things for me to do. I don't even know how I was able to get it all done.

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November 9, 2008

Making History...

This last Tuesday was Election Day and what a day it was. One fun place to be during a presidential election year is a politically active campus like the University of Minnesota. With the state capital being a short drive away from campus, and several politically active student groups like the University DFL and the College Republicans, it is easy to get involved in the political action.

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November 7, 2008

Post-midterms, Pre-finals...

In the afterglow – or aftermath, depending on how you look at it--of a weekend of fun with Halloween and Homecoming, campus is once again buzzing with the news of the election. Election Day was a perfect mix of sunshine and excitement as students meandered campus in their respective party’s paraphernalia.

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November 5, 2008

Yes YOU Can!

Mom or dad ever tell you that you can be anything you want to be when you grow up? Well now you can believe anything is possible.

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Lived to see the day...

A year ago, I waited outside the Target Center to see the next President Elect of the United States speak in front of thousands of people.

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October 31, 2008

It is official: I'm going to graduate.

What a delightful day I had a month ago when I met with my honor's advisor and was told, "Yes, Sarah, you are correct, at the end of this semester you will have earned your degree and will be prepared for graduation."

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Starting the Job Search

A few weeks ago I attended a political science career panel, where they brought in University of Minnesota political science alumni ranging from recent graduates, to more seasoned graduates. It was really interesting to hear what different paths students took, and hear their advice about the necessary steps that helped to get them there.

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Searching for an Internship...

One great way to gain experience for a potential career is to find an internship during the school year or the summer. Students usually decide to search out these opportunities their junior and senior years after they have an idea of what fields they are interested in. However, many students do not take advantage of the abundant number of resources available to prepare for these opportunities.

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October 30, 2008

Studying - is it really as easy as 1,2,3 ?

October seems to be midterm-season. Yet I look at my syllabi, and November seems to be just as busy. The only lull is at the end of the month when you get midterms back. The only way to get through this is to establish a study routine – which I still haven’t gotten the hang of.

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October 28, 2008

Meghan Roehm: Psychology Major

So, I am pretty excited because I just declared my major!! It’s a big deal for me because I had been so undecided when I came into college. I have always been interested in and mediocre at a lot of things, but never amazing at one specific area. I didn’t know if I should go into a field that I’m good at or that I love – which happened to be very different things in my case. I’ll kind of take you through the process of how I got here.

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October 25, 2008

A Weekend at the University of Minnesota

One question that I feel many prospective students think about is what exactly happens over the weekend in college. This is a very relevant question to ponder since the college campus will be a student's new home for an entire academic year. Since the University of Minnesota is located in the heart of the Twin Cities there are several off-campus activities that students are able to discover in addition to on-campus events as well.

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October 24, 2008

Over the Hump

I've been holding my breath through the storm of midterms, and with a final sigh, the clouds pass.

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Playing 'Catch Up'

Sometimes we all need a little push in order for us to make it through a day, a week, maybe a month, but no matter the time frame, we all need a support system to help us through those tough weeks. This week for me was one of ‘those tough weeks.’

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October 20, 2008

Better Late Then Never....sometimes

What's up everybody?! Sorry it took me so long to get blogging, but don't worry I'm ok and I'll make sure I'm top of it from here on out. I seem to have an issue with time. You'd think I'd get a hang of the whole time management thing by now, but I still have a little work to do with that ( I was up until 4 again last night). It really isn't that bad though. I need to keep myself busy all the time.

I should probably let you guys know who I am before I start going on about my lack of sleep. I was born and raised right here in the northside of Minneapolis. I went to Patrick Henry high school and I'm in my 3rd year here at the U. At first, the U of M wasn't my initial choice for a school, but I am really glad I decided to come here. In spite of the time issues, I have had a great experience here so far. I love it here.

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October 19, 2008

I Am Definitely a Fan of Great Weeks!

Life has its ups and downs and college life has even more, but the past week has been great for me! Do you want to know why? Click below to find out!

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October 11, 2008

The Final Meltdown

There are few things I love more in life than waterskiing. There is nothing I would rather be doing, and the fact that it is already October means only one thing: the season is almost over. In fact, for the U of M Waterski team our tournament season ended three weeks ago tomorrow.
Let me take you back to our fateful weekend. . .

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October 3, 2008

Studying vs. Sports...

Some of you are probably aware of the fact that the Minnesota Twins were in the Pennant Race for the American League Central Division. We were only win away from heading to the playoffs, but this all abruptly ended with a heartbreaking loss to the White Sox this past Tuesday night.

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October 1, 2008

Sleep? What's that?

As the clock’s long hand continues to spiral in a never-ending circle, I find myself sitting on my couch, with only the lamplight to accompany me and the buzzing of the fan circulating the air through my apartment.

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September 30, 2008

One Amazing Race

Today we did a CLA Ambassador Amazing Race to recap all the different helpful offices and unique opportunities the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) and the University of Minnesota has to offer. I’ve been to most of these offices around campus, but I haven’t been to them in such a short amount of time. Running around campus today reminded me of how many different aspects there are around campus.

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Summer and the Twins!

Hey guys, I’m just sitting here watching the Twins game and decided I would hop on here and right about a few things that happened during my summer.

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September 29, 2008

Organizing My Life

College can get overwhelming sometimes, but with a good organizational system, you can attempt to be in two places at once.

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September 25, 2008

Been Missin' Somethin? No fear, Jasmine's Here

Hey, have you felt a void in your life this summer? Have you been feeling like something's missing? Well hold the phone! No fear, Jasmine is here! :) There is a new ambassador on campus, ready to join the superheroes and mischievous beings already in the group.

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September 24, 2008

Time flies when you're having fun...

Where did the last 4 weeks go? But more mind-boggling, where did the last two years go? I’m already a Junior! When people told me that college would be the best and fastest years of my life, they weren’t kidding … about either.

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September 23, 2008

Cuernavaca, Mexico: Where Roads Become Rivers and I Manage to Stay Afloat.

There is currently a torrential downpour (only a slight exaggeration) happening outside, so, in an effort to stay dry, I decided to take a pit stop in Wilson Library until the rain lets up. Just a few minutes ago I was crossing the bridge with a fellow CLA Student Ambassador sharing her umbrella, and was reminded of a very similar experience I had this past summer when studying in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

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Busy Much?

As the forth week of classes approaches, I can't help to think how much I have on my plate this semester. I knew it would be busy, but I never thought I'd be running around as much as I am.

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"I Got 18 Credits and A Club Aint One!" LOL

Junior year has arrived and I am swamped. This year I have decided to scale back on the unnecessary things to focus more on school. However, somehow a social life became an unnecessary thing.

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September 5, 2008

RNC Days 3 and 4

I have never done so much walking in my life, I have definitely gotten my share of exercise. I worked from 11:30am-close both Wednesday and Thursday, which I was happy about because I got to see the prime time speeches.


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September 2, 2008

Welcome Week AND not tripping over steps on the first day of class? I feel like it's going to be a great year...

Somehow I couldn’t have been happier shuffling from Blegen Hall to Folwell Hall in the rain, with exactly 15 minutes between classes. The first day of classes have, sadly, not gotten any less frantic for me that I am a sophomore.

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August 25, 2008

Moving On Up!

As summer comes to a close, I have learned the best way to relax is to take work off for the last week before school starts.

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August 21, 2008

Business... As Usual???

Miami to Saint Louis, Saint Louis to Columbus, and now I am finally back in the Twin Cites. This summer I had the privilege of interning for Abercrombie and Fitch.

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August 16, 2008

Is it really over? Yes!

I sit here and contemplate my first summer home. Everyone warned me it would be a bit different, and they were right.

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June 30, 2008

Summer in the City

Since I’ve last blogged, I’ve been to Italy and back! I got home 2 weeks ago from a May Term study abroad session in Florence, Italy. I’m still adjusting back to life here, but it was an amazing experience.

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May 13, 2008

~El Final~

I sit here having completed my last final, and I cannot believe I find myself in this position. My roommate and I are both moving out today; ironic because we moved in together and we are leaving together. But I must stop, because I can feel the tears welling up.

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April 30, 2008

It's a big decision, but it's worth it!

I remember when I was a senior in high school how scary and enormous the decision of which college to go to felt. I was so nervous about making a wrong decision. I decided just before the May deadline, and wanted to come to the University of Minnesota, and it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

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April 29, 2008


Hey everyone. Hope this blog finds you guys having a great morning, day, and or night. I just wanted to stop by and let you all know that, yes, it is true, we did win the intramural basketball champion.

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Success is Not An Event. It's a Habit!

So I was watching Gossip Girl last night, and it was a special episode where everyone was freaking out about ACTs and SATs and getting accepted into school. All I could do was laugh. I remember being in the exact same position a few years ago and thinking that my 3.8 GPA and thousand extra curricular activities and AP classes would leave me flipping burgers at McDonald or reminding someone "That We Have $5 footlongs" this week when I am forty.

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April 28, 2008

My Big Adventure

It is strange for me to think that in the spring of 2004, the year I graduated high school, all I thought I wanted was to live a grand adventure. It seemed I needed to go to school far, far from home or spend a year backpacking through Europe or live two months on a remote desert island. It didn't matter what the adventure was, I just felt I needed something extraordinary, something almost tangible to prove my independence and rite of passage into adulthood.

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In three weeks, I am going to graduate from the U. I'm anxious, excited and unsure about what I'm going to do with my life. I haven't felt like this in four years- when I was in your shoes.

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Decision Time!

As another school year comes to an end I sometimes find myself thinking about the end of my senior year in high school. I had applied to various colleges early my senior year but took awhile to decide where to go. While I was deliberating on which college to attend, I realized that choosing where to spend the next four years of my life was a very important decision and should be made carefully.

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Spring! - with snow?

It seems that spring is finally arriving to the University! (in spite of this weekend’s cold, wet and windy weather.) With only two more weeks of classes and then a week of finals, I am starting to buckle down on studying. Perhaps the cold weather lately has been a blessing, forcing me to stay inside with my textbooks.

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April 27, 2008

Going With My Gut

My registration date for classes next fall has come and gone, and I've probably changed my classes around approximately 800 times. Do I want to get all of my liberal education requirements finished with, or would I rather dive head first into journalism? With so many classes, tracks, interests to choose from, I'll most likely be refining my schedule for fall semester right up until the first day of class! This feels a lot different from where I was last year right around this time.

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Where to Go?

It’s been two years since I had to decide where to go for college. In my senior year of high school, I applied to seven schools and got accepted to six of them. By late April I had narrowed the list from six to two. My biggest problem in the college selection process was to gauge which of the two schools would be the better match for me.

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April 26, 2008

Dave's Infallible Theory of How to Choose a College

I can vividly remember sitting in my favorite teacher's office with a few of my friends on May 1, 2006. Most of the students in the office were laughing, eating, studying, or simply listening to the hysterical anecdotes being told by my teacher. I, however, sat trying to relax on the faded blue fabric of his fouton while my mind raced with the question, Depaul or Denver?

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April 25, 2008

It's almost been a year....

As I study for my last finals of the second semester of my freshman year these past couple weeks it really makes me wonder. How did this year already go by so quickly? I've been reflecting on how I felt the exact same way my freshman year in high school. We were the babies of the school and definitely felt like it! My parents always told me that "it goes by so quickly." It makes me think of the saying, “you think you know, but you have no idea.? It's laughable how right they were.

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April 24, 2008

Spring Fever

This time of year always reminds me of track season; when the grass is wet from late-night showers, the sun shines intermittently through the rain clouds and of course, my legs were too sore to climb the stairs. On top of the stress of practice, homework and weekly meets, I was figuring out where I was going to spend the next 4 years of my life.

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April 23, 2008

*Graduation Heebie-Jeebies*

I remember this time last year. I can still picture it in my mind. I was stressing over finals (which were a joke compared to what they are now) and worried about how I was going to get my hair done on graduation, while also quite concerned about the shoes I would wear across the stage.

On the other hand, I was quite anxious—in a good way—to head off to Minneapolis.

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April 6, 2008

Goin' to the 'ship

Hey everyone, I’m sitting here in Walter Library on this rainy, rainy Sunday and I decided to blog for the first time in my life. Seriously, this is the first time I have ever blogged so bear with me here. I suppose you all are dying to hear what I have to say, so I’ll begin.

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March 31, 2008

The Home Stretch!

In the beginning of the year, I never thought the moment would come when I could honestly say, "just one more midterm." This semester has flown by, and if it weren't for the snow, it might actually feel like spring!

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3/31/2008 Post-Hockey Depression

The Gopher Hockey season was recently ended on Saturday with a 5-2 loss against the Boston College Eagles. Thus has sent me into the all too familiar lull of post-hockey depression. Each year since the Gophers last national title in 2003 I have experienced this, and it has become quite unpleasant.

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5k and groceries

In my last post I had said that on Saturday I was running the 5k for Autism Research and hadn’t trained AT ALL. It turned out to be a nice day, a little breezy but it was enjoyable. What was more exciting was that I: a) completed the run; b) did so in 31 minutes; and c) ran the entire thing – no walking!

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March 30, 2008

Planning for Sophomore Year already?!?!

I think back just a year, and it's amazing how everything has changed.

I was facing a decision that would determine the next four years of my life. I, like most of my high-school friends, had applied to enough schools to make this decision incredibly difficult. With the acceptance and financial aid packets in hand, I had until May 1. Out-of-state / in-state, public / private, less than 5,000 undergrad / over 10,000. Everyone was different and I felt that I overwhelmed.

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Back into the Swing of Things...

Studying is the last thing on my mind after spending a week away from school during Spring Break; however it is finally time to get back into the swing of things. I spent my Spring break relaxing and forgetting about schoolwork and upcoming assignments. This seemed like a good idea at the time, even though I knew that I would have a lot of catching up to do when I returned to campus. So far the first week back from Spring Break has gone smoother than expected and I am enjoying the warmer temperatures (40 degrees!!) as compared to the cold, winter weather earlier this month.

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March 24, 2008

~Mi Casa Es Tu Casa at La Raza~

Having never in my life ‘blogged’ before, I feel it only appropriate to introduce myself. I am an Oak Park, Illinois native, yet was raised in a small town in Wisconsin about fifteen minutes away from the tourist hot-spot Wisconsin Dells. I am a freshman at the University of Minnesota, and I am honestly loving every minute of being here, no lie. While sometimes the whole ‘school’ aspect of what I like to call the ‘college experience’ is, to say the least, stressful, difficult, and time consuming, I could not imagine it any other way.

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Back to the U

Spring break is winding down, and classes are due to reconvene tomorrow. It was good to depart from routine and get away from campus for a while. I went to Toronto, Canada to visit some high school friends for a “mini-reunion?. I arrived back in Minneapolis just yesterday, and I pretty much passed out on my bed after the flight. My mind is still in vacation mode and isn’t fully functioning, but that will probably change in the upcoming week.

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March 18, 2008

Hip Hop Saves Lives...Kinda.

These past few months I have had the privilege to work with a lot of great students, grades K-12. The majority were from underprivileged communities. It is funny how you think because you are in college that you will automatically come into these kids lives, give them a great speech and change their lives forever just like in all of those movies.. You know like (Dangerous Minds, Freedom Writers, The Substitute etc.) instead the complete opposite happened.

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March 12, 2008

Really? A Night Off?

I’m sitting here in the third floor study lounge of Middlebrook Hall (residence hall) with three of my friends and we’re studying. Actually they’re studying because I fortunately have a very laid back week, unlike last week.

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March 11, 2008

Wheels on the bus

Oh, the metro transit system. Coming from a town in Wisconsin that only has one bus I never had a true experience with public transportation until I came to the U. It wasn't until my senior year when I ventured out on the town relying solely on a map and my U pass. (Side note: a U pass is a fantastic investment if you plan on taking a bus or the Light Rail. It costs $64 per semester and you get unlimited rides through metro transit).

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Spring Break Here I Come!!!

College is hard. This is a fact—at least according to me. However, sometimes it seems much more difficult than normal. I am experiencing a perfect example of these times right now as I am in the heat of studying for midterms in four different courses as well as performing with the U of M Dance Program and working on my Honors CLA senior thesis. I shouldn’t be surprised though, exams are never easy. I didn’t need Newton to discover this one for me. I learned it on my own long ago. Nevertheless, a midterm based on the physics of Newton’s discoveries is completely new territory for me. It is new but nevertheless interesting territory.

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January 23, 2008

Here Comes The Veteran!

Winter Break was awesome. I got to see my family and spend two weeks in San Francisco working with California Health Advocates and the Peoples Grocery to create farms and healthy food in inner city communities where they do not have gorcery stores. It was a blast. I have officially Gone GREEN and enjoyed the SUN. Yeah ME!!! LOL

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December 18, 2007

In the midst of finals...

I am currently in the midst of finals week and basically running on pure caffeine. I have taken a break from my Spanish studying to grab a bite to eat and decided to blog about this bittersweet time of the year. ‘Bittersweet’ is the perfect word to describe finals week with Winter Break on the horizon and classes almost complete, yet still having to cram for one last exam in every class.

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December 12, 2007

Winter Break Here I Come!!!!! Whooo!!!

My Biology Final is in two days and though I should be very fearful, all I can think about is going back home to Saint Louis and chilling with my family for a week of chaos and Christmas traditions and then going to San Francisco.

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December 5, 2007

Busy Year!

So it seems that I have been MIA for a few months- this semester has been so busy! At the beginning of the school year it feels like winter break will never get here but those weeks go by so quickly when you get wrapped up in school, work and extracurriculars.

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November 3, 2007

Stage Fright

I will be performing at the Ted Mann Concert Hall in the West Bank Arts Quarter in about a week and the stage fright is starting to set in.

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November 2, 2007

Make a Visit to the U of M College of Liberal Arts

Applying for colleges can be a daunting process, but after you’ve written all the essays, found recommendations, and gotten all your transcripts and resumes together and sent in, the best part is visiting campuses. When I was a senior in high school, I applied at seven institutions.

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October 16, 2007

It's Only Just Begun

With great initiative comes great responsibility and right now I am covered in it. Since I orchestrated a peaceful protest to get the MCAE Kickoff equal amount of time at Welcome Week to insure that there will still be an organization for incoming multicultural students to meet, I have been bombarded with responsibilities.

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August 27, 2007

I Want The MCAE Kickoff Back NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!

It feels so good to be back at the U. Unfortunately no one else is back yet. I've worked so hard at my internship this summer. So this last week before school starts I just want to go to sleep and spend time with my friends. I have been re-discovering the campus. The silver bridges are gorgeous. The FREE food is remarkable. (Well i guess when you have to buy groceries any free food is remarkable. But that is besides the point.)

However relaxation never lasts long at the U.

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August 16, 2007

Moving Out

I'm getting ready to move into my house for the school year- and I just can't wait. As I'm packing up, I'm realizing how much stuff I have; tons of pens, 11 half empty bottles of old lotion, five cases of contact solution and a heaping pile of clothes that I didn't wear once over the summer. I really don't have a use for any of these but they will make the move along with me just in case...

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August 9, 2007

3 Down, 1 to Go!

It's so hard to believe that school is mere weeks away. It seems like a few days ago when I made my first blog entry thinking that the summer had so much potential. In all honesty, I don't think I did half of the things I would have liked- so these few weeks are going to be packed!

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July 23, 2007

Reminders of the U

Summer has been treating me pretty well, and even from home I’ve found that I can stay connected to the University of Minnesota. I have been putting my communications skills to work as an intern for the NU Technology Park. As the communications intern I am in charge of the newsletter, and I have been gaining great experience through my work. I have been having a good time, but even here in Nebraska at my job I’ve run into Minnesota alumni.

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July 21, 2007

College Experience Top 10

Here are my top 10 reccomendations for your college experience from my own.

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July 20, 2007

Summer's Almost Over and I'm Soo Freaking Busy!!!

4 weeks until its time to go home and it seems as if there is no time to get ready. I am very excited about my classes this semester. I am taking Karate to stay in shape and starting a new language; Italian. I love languages like Arabic, Spanish and Swahili and I think Italian will be great addition. I will also be taking my first required classes as a journalism major. However my excitement is over shadowed by my worry.

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July 11, 2007


It’s 3:00 in the morning and I just got off of work. Before I collapse on my bed from exhaustion, I decided to write about a ‘normal’ workday for me. There is a big upside and downside to working for a movie theatre. The bright side is that movie showings tend to not start until noon, so being able to sleep in everyday during the summer has truly been a luxury. However, the downside is the countless late nights I have to work since the movie rush comes for the nighttime showings. Tonight we had the midnight showing of Harry Potter, which completely sold out and was simply chaotic. Dealing with angry customers who ‘thought’ they bought online tickets to the movie (when it was already sold out) was stressful but I appreciate the learning experience this will bring me for future careers.

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June 25, 2007

Being An Intern Is Hard...

Somedays being an intern for Clear Channel is great. There are free concerts, celebrities, cd's and movie premieres etc. But then on others day like today, you have to stand outside for 5 hours during a 4 hour shift in 100 degree plus heat, after you just did your hair, while waving a flag screaming "100.3 The Beat" to the top of your lungs. Whoo! I love my internship however with all good things warrant hardwork. I am learning that the very "sweaty" way." Despite the hard work I am learning so much about the music industry and marketing that my Mass Communications class could not fully teach me.

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June 13, 2007

Summer is flying by...

I just finished watching the comedy, "Knocked Up" and feel exhausted from laughing throughout the entire movie. One of the perks of working for a movie theatre during the summer is seeing an unlimited amount of free movies, which I fully utilize. I was planning on working on campus throughout the summer, but decided to head back to my hometown after things didn’t pan out. Even though staying on campus for the summer would be a lot of fun, I am enjoying countless home cooked meals and hanging out with old friends.

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Summertime and the livin' is easy

“Summertime and the livin' is easy.?

These lyrics from the musical Porgy and Bess seem surprisingly fitting with how my summer is going so far. While I still have not managed to get any sign of a tan, I have enjoyed playing Frisbee outside almost daily. In the fall I might even tryout my skills and join one of the many pickup games of Ultimate Frisbee that happen so frequently in the Mall Area between Northrop Auditorium and Coffman Union.

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June 2, 2007

Living Like a College Student

This morning I was reading a blog from the Minneapolis Star Tribune where the author tried to feed herself for $3 a day, which is basically the budget people on food stamps must adhere to. It's a really funny post, check it out at the strib's website! Anyway, the author's mission seemed all too familiar. This summer I have an unpaid internship = very little disposable income most of which is provided by my parents.

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May 30, 2007

Summer Break=Summer Job

So, it has been quite a while since I last wrote, but there has been so much going on since school has finished. I have gotten my grades and I'm glad to say I finished the year out with a 3.6! Now I don't have to think about grades until the fall, which will be my last semester at the University of Minnesota. Until then, I am working on the Minnesota Centennial Showboat all summer long.

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May 20, 2007

Summer School From Home

I’m back at home for this summer and I’m glad for the much needed break. I had a fun and interesting semester, but a little rest and relaxation is just what I needed.

Tomorrow I start one of my internships and I’m getting ready to get back in to the swing of things and work. Being a political science major and in the school of journalism I am really excited to start as an intern for a state political party as a communications intern. It might be a lot of work, but it should be great experience.

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May 12, 2007

A Blossoming Campus

School’s out for summer! Finals are over and my mind doesn’t need to worry about studying until July when I start up again with summer session. While I should be searching for summer employment, all I want to do is lie outside in the grass or run through the sprinklers like a five year old. This urge may have something to do with the fact that my apartment is not air-conditioned and is somehow hotter inside than it is outside. It seems sweating is inevitable.

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Finally DONE!

I just finished taking my last final test and it feels greeeeat! However, the rush of final assignments, tests and papers that are due at the end of the semester can be a little overwhelming. Preparation is the best method to approach these fairly daunting tests. I personally try to buckle down and solely focus on my academics for the last couple weeks of the school year.

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May 4, 2007


It's the end of spring semester! Who would have thought that it went so quickly? Studying for fall semester finals is so much easier to do- the weather in December is cold, and icky. Most people hibernate in their rooms, and have nothing better to do. But in the spring, all I want to do is be outside.

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May 1, 2007

Last day of my class and Burrito...

Yesteday was the last class for my "Service Learing in the Chicano Community" course. It was a fun class. I took the course because it fulfills two electives towards my liberal education requirments: cultural diversity and public ethics. I was happy that I'll be done for the semester, but at the same time I felt sad for I'm gonna miss such a fun class.

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April 27, 2007

Scheduling for a Great Semester

Well, I just scheduled my classes for next fall, and I think I made a good one. Signing up for classes can be stressful, but I’ve found that it’s more fun than anything else. I love looking at all the different classes that the University has to offer, and tailoring a schedule to my personal interests.

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April 22, 2007

I don't want to grow up...

Why is it that I can never seem to figure out what I want to be when I grow up? I am twenty-one years old and about to complete my junior year in college and yet I am still relatively clueless as to what I am going to do when I am forced to face the real world. I have had six concrete careers lined up for myself but it seems every month I am inspired by a new career and change my mind all together.

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April 21, 2007

Attempting to Focus in the Spring

So, the final two weeks of classes are coming up quickly and I still have a lot of work to do before the semester is done. Unfortunately I am easily distracted by all of the events going on around campus and the cities. I am planning on attending the play "Arabian Nights" at Rarig Center this weekend. Some of my friends are in the cast, so I want to show my support for their work.

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April 16, 2007

What Happened!?

At the start of my freshman year I felt that I was ready to assume the full responsibility of growing-up. Living on my own (in the Res Halls), cooking my own meals (pouring milk on cereal, or getting fancy and making ramen), and making sure that I went to all of my classes (but still calling my mom in case I missed one, just to let her know), it all seemed like the pinnacle of being an adult. But looking back, I wish I still had the security and simplicity of that year again.

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April 9, 2007

Study, Study, Study

Being in college I have learned that, at least during the week I study quite a lot more than I had to in high school. I guess the perk is that I get to take the classes that I want to in my major, but I still find myself needing a little encouragement to study.

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April 8, 2007

Great Weekend but Bumpy Roads Ahead

So, this weekend has been amazing. I went home to Madison, WI to visit my family for Easter. I lounged around my parents house and caught up on some good cable TV (I don't have it at my house in MN). We went over to my cousin's house today for Easter lunch and I don't think that I've ever eaten more food in one sitting than I did today. One thing that I've learned as a college student is to take advantage of every opportunity you get for free food.

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April 7, 2007


As you might already know, the most popular major in CLA is ‘undecided’. As a freshman, I entered college completely undecided and open to any field of study. So, during my first year in school I decided to take classes that interested me and knockoff some CLA requirements. This was a good route to take because after completing an Economics and an Introductory Psychology class, I decided to evolve my major around these interests.

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March 18, 2007

Busy but fun

Coming back from Spring Break there are a lot of things going on the rest of this semester. It is going to be busy but fun.

All of my classes are getting more in depth with the material, and I really like how all of my classes are blending together. After having a week to rest from my classes I feel refreshed to go back and finish out this semester. I also have had a week to explain the kinds of classes I’m taking to friends and family and take a step back from all the work for a little while. But I’m ready to hit the books again and get back into the swing of things.

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