National Institute of Child Health and Human Development / NIH / DHHS:
Contextual Approaches to Prevention of Unintended Pregnancy

  • Fund Type: Grant. Residential: No. Eligibility: See Full Program Announcement.
  • Award: size and duration of each award will vary
  • Deadline: 2/5/2009 Second Deadline: 6/5/2009
  • Details: The sponsor invites R01 research grant applications that will inform interventions addressing the cultural and structural factors that produce high rates of unintended pregnancy across the reproductive age span, especially in low-income populations in the United States. These interventions can operate at a wide range of levels, from clinical interventions to interventions that influence cultural, economic, social, structural, and/or policy factors contributing to unintended pregnancy. Deadline(s): 02/05/2009, 06/05/2009, 10/05/2009, etc.
  • Keywords: Unintended pregnancy, prevention, intervention, clinical, policy, social factors, pregnancy rates, low-income

NB: PA-09-014. FOA will use the NIH Research Project (R01) award mechanism. Also offered as an R21. Standard deadlines apply: 2/5/09, 6/5/09, 10/5/09

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