Association of Performing Arts Presenters:
Cultural Exchange Fund

  • Fund Type: Grant. Residential: No. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility; Arts Presenters will award travel subsidies to individual presenters, presenting organizations and to groups of presenters traveling to see the work of artists, companies and/or to develop and advance projects with international artists and their collaborators. All applicants must be active members of the Association of Performing Arts Presenters.
  • Award: $2,000 (individual)-$10,000 (group)
  • Deadline: 5/29/2009 Second Deadline: 11/16/2009
  • Details: The Cultural Exchange Fund (CEF) is a travel subsidy program supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to assist U.S. based presenters in building partnerships and collaborations with international touring artists, companies and their collaborators and in seeing the work of artists from around the world in its cultural context.
  • Keywords: Performing arts, touring artists, art companies, international, culture, collaboration

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