Irwin Andrew Porter Foundation:
Regional and International Grant Opportunities

  • Fund Type: Grant. Residential: No. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility
  • Award: $500 to $30,000
  • Deadline: Phase I applications can be made through out the year and may be updated by the applicant at anytime up until the application deadline (see guidelines section for current deadlines). Those applicants advancing to Phase II must present a full written application within 30 days of being notified of their advancement to Phase II.
  • Details: AP is looking for:

    * Innovation
    * Inspiration
    * Effectiveness
    * Heart
    * Programs that foster connections between communities and individuals
    * Organizations willing to form partnerships with others to accomplish their goals
    * Programs and projects that inspire, require, and enable people to give back to their communities as much, or more, than they have received from the project. We refer to this as the "give and receive".

  • Keywords: multi-disciplinary

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