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Grants & Fellowships Database

This database, developed by the CLA grants team, lists over 400 funding opportunities in fields across the College of Liberal Arts. Please note that the Categories listed below are neither mutually exclusive nor comprehensive. Use a variety of subject matter and funding type keywords to search for opportunities in your area.

Warning: Deadline change. Be sure to check the deadlines of programs on the funders’ websites.

May 1, 2010

Medieval Academy of America:
Travel Grants

  • Fund Type: Meeting/Conference/Seminar. Residential: No. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility
  • Award: $500 (North America)-$750 (International)
  • Deadline: 11/1/2009 Second Deadline: 5/1/2010
  • Details: The sponsor provides a limited number of travel grants to help independent scholars or currently unaffiliated faculty present their work at professional meetings. Major national and international meetings will be given priority.
  • Keywords: Medieval studies, travel, professional meetings, conferences

NB: DEADLINE NOTE: Application deadlines are May 1 for meetings to be held between September 1 and February 28, and November 1 for meetings to be held between March 1 and August 31.

March 2, 2010

American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR):
David Keller Travel Grants

  • Fund Type: Grant. Residential: No. Eligibility: See Full Program Announcement; Any untenured scholars with terminal degrees, including independent scholars and tenure-track and adjunct faculty, are eligible.
  • Award: $800
  • Deadline: June 15
  • Details: Each year the American Society for Theatre Research awards up to three grants of $800 each in honor of the late David Mathias Keller (1936-1994), Professor of English, Speech and Theatre at the City University of New York's Kingsborough Community College and a Visiting Professor at Cornell University. Professor Keller -- a director, actor and production manager -- also served as the Treasurer of ASTR for many years. The purpose of the grants is to encourage untenured scholars with terminal degrees to become active members of the Society by helping them to meet the expenses of attending the ASTR annual meeting in November. ASTR conference registration fees will be waived for grant winners.
  • Keywords: Theatre, Travel Domestic, Conference

March 1, 2010

Tinker Foundation:
Institutional Grants

  • Fund Type: Grant. Residential: No. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility; Support for tax-exempt organizations
  • Award: $3,000-$80,000
  • Deadline: 9/15/2009 Second Deadline: 3/1/2010
  • Details: To be considered for a Tinker Institutional Grant, a proposal must be submitted by an institutional entity and be geographically focused on Latin America, Iberia or Antarctica. Topically, the projects should deal with environmental policy, governance or economic policy. Support may be sought for, but is not limited to, research projects, conferences and workshops. The Foundation encourages collaboration between and among organizations in the United States, Latin America, Spain and Portugal.
  • Keywords: Antarctica, Latin America, Iberia, economics, environment, natural resources, government, public administration, international affairs, foreign policy, Mexico, political science, Portugal, Spain, policy, research

NB: DEADLINE NOTE: Applications are considered biannually in mid-June and mid-December. The deadline for receipt of proposals for the winter meeting is September 15, 2009; for the summer meeting is March 1, 2010. The sponsor encourages applicants to submit proposals well in advance of the deadlines, since discussion and consultation may be required prior to the acceptance of a proposal.

February 27, 2010

Ploughshares Fund:

  • Fund Type: Grant. Residential: No. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility
  • Award: high: $127,880; low: $3,000
  • Deadline: 7/15/2009 Second Deadline: 2/27/2010
  • Details: The Ploughshares Fund supports organizations and individuals working to stop the spread of weapons and build regional security. Types of support: Conferences/seminars; General/operating support; Grants to individuals; Program development; Seed money; Technical assistance.
  • Keywords: Africa, Asia, Europe, International affairs, arms control, International conflict resolution, peace, security, Japan, Middle East, North Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, WMD, conflict prevention

NB: Deadline note: board reviews applications three times per year.

February 15, 2010

Kazanjian (Calvin K.) Economics Foundation, Inc.:

  • Fund Type: Grant. Residential: No. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility; Only IRS Approved 501(C)(3) organizations are eligible to receive grants from The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc.
  • Award: $2,000-$50,000
  • Deadline: 9/15/2009 Second Deadline: 2/15/2010
  • Details: Support is provided to nonprofit organizations for proposals and projects with national impact having to do with economic education research.
  • Keywords: Economics, economic education

NB: Types of support: Conferences/seminars; Curriculum development; Program development; Seed money.

February 1, 2010

Association for Asian Studies, the Northeast Asia Council:
Korean Studies Grants

  • Fund Type: Grant. Residential: No. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility; Varies. Please check individual programs for details.
  • Award: Varies
  • Deadline: 10/1/2009 Second Deadline: 2/1/2010
  • Details: Research Travel within the USA; Short-term Travel to Korea; Research Assistance; Projects that Enhance Teaching About Korea; Workshops and Conferences
  • Keywords: Korean studies, Korea