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Grants & Fellowships Database

This database, developed by the CLA grants team, lists over 400 funding opportunities in fields across the College of Liberal Arts. Please note that the Categories listed below are neither mutually exclusive nor comprehensive. Use a variety of subject matter and funding type keywords to search for opportunities in your area.

Warning: Deadline change. Be sure to check the deadlines of programs on the funders’ websites.

October 25, 2009

Kennedy (John F.) Center for the Performing Arts:
Arts Management Internships

  • Fund Type: Fellowship. Residential: Yes. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility; College juniors/seniors, graduate students, and recent college graduates (within two years of graduation).
  • Award: $225/week stipend
  • Deadline: 3/1/2009 Second Deadline: 10/25/2009
  • Details: The sponsor provides support for internships that offer learning opportunities and on-the-job experiences to college students and graduates who are interested in beginning careers in performing arts management and/or arts education. Approximately twenty students are selected each semester to participate in a three to four month long, full-time (37.5 to 40 hours per week) internship.
  • Keywords: Theater, performing arts management, arts education, undergraduate students, graduate students, internship.

NB: Deadline(s): 03/01/2009, 06/15/2009, 10/25/2009 DEADLINE NOTE: The March 1 deadline refers to the Summer 2009 Program (May 26 through August 7). The June 15 deadline refers to the Fall 2009 Program (September 8 through December 11). The October 25 deadline refers to the Winter/Spring 2010 Program (January 19 through May 7).

October 15, 2009

American Geological Institute:
AGI/AAPG Semester Internships in Geoscience and Public Policy

  • Fund Type: Fellowship. Residential: Yes. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility; Undergraduates and Masters level students.
  • Award: $5,000 stipend
  • Deadline: 4/15/2009 Second Deadline: 10/15/2009
  • Details: Support is provided to students in the geosciences for a semester-long internship in geoscience and public policy.
  • Keywords: Geology, geoscience, public policy, internship, government affairs

NB: DEADLINE NOTE: The deadline for Fall internships is April 15. The deadline for Spring internships is October 15.

September 9, 2009

Fordham (Thomas B.) Foundation:
Research Internships

  • Fund Type: Fellowship. Residential: No. Eligibility: Unrestricted/Multiple Eligibility
  • Award: Stipend, amount not indicated
  • Deadline:
  • Details: The sponsor, based in Washington, D.C., provides internships throughout the year in the area of the reform of K-12 education.
  • Keywords: Education, reform, accountability, assessments, standards, school choice, teacher quality, pedagogy

NB: Deadline note: rolling deadline