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Funding Opportunities in Austrian/Central European Studies

Research or Art Project Grants for Faculty

The Center for Austrian Studies at the University of Minnesota invites applications for a multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary research or art project grant for up to $40,000. The grant is intended for scholarly or artistic projects that are broadly based in Austrian/Central European Studies. Projects that will be collaborations between University of Minnesota faculty members and European scholars will be given priority.

CAS may award the entire $40,000 to one project, or it may split the funding among several projects it deems worthy. In 2011, CAS awarded the bulk of the funds to a project on Czechoslovak film and gave a smaller grant for "Digitizing Immigrant Letters," a joint project of IHRC and the University of Vienna. See application instructions

Application deadline: Friday, March 15, 2013

Each year, the Institute supports a limited number of research/creative collaboratives. These collaboratives promote synergistic interdisciplinary activity difficult within departmental structures. Collaborative activities vary: some collaboratives meet regularly for works-in-progress discussions or public workshops and other programs, others work together on projects. Some collaboratives incorporate a public component that encourages connections with the community. The Institute seeks participation from all colleges and schools at the University and encourages graduate student participation in collaboratives. Collaboratives may be convened by University faculty, students, or staff, but should show evidence of faculty participation. Proposals for 2012-13 Collaboratives are due on January 31, 2013. Full instructions are available beginning mid-November at

Top 40 Grant Opportunities for Arts and Humanities!

Funders do support creative activity and humanities research! The following lists are by no means inclusive, but they provide a starting point in your grants search.

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