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Loaner Equipment for teaching with Technology

As an instructor or graduate student at the University of Minnesota you have access to vast technological resources?

CLA-OIT Loaner Pool

Visit the CLA-OIT check out site


For faculty, staff, and graduate students to support classroom instruction and research. For up to two weeks or longer on a case-by-case basis.


Limited number available for special circumstances (e.g., visiting scholars).


For short-term use by faculty and staff. Graduate students with a signed letter from the chair or the administrator of the department may reserve projectors by calling the CLA-OIT Service Desk at 612-624-4357.


For current CLA students. Camcorders, microphones, and digital still camera are available.

CLA-TV Studios Electronic Field Production loaner pool

Visit the CLA-TV studios check out website

For students currently taking field production classes through the Studio who have received proper training. Former field production students may also reserve this equipment, but current students will receive priority.

Prosumer and professional equipment

  • digital video cameras
  • microphones & audio mixers
  • location lighting kits

Office of Classroom Management - Good to Know.

The Office of Classroom Management has a new and improved website.  Check it out for all of your classroom needs.

Did you know that there is a Classroom Support Hotline for anything that goes wrong with the classroom facilities while you are teaching?

  • 612-625-1086 is the number and it is listed on the hotline phones near the kiosks
  • The hotline staff are in radio contact with "rapid responders" (skilled technicians) who provide in-room assistance, troubleshooting, and problem resolution.

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