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Exhibit 22: Assignment Calculator and UThink Blogs University Libraries

Shane Nackerud
Web Services Coordinator

Kate Peterson
Information Literacy Librarian

Jerilyn Veldof
Director, Coordinated Educational Services

The University Libraries will showcase two of our more popular web applications: The Assignment Calculator, http://tools.lib.umn.edu/ac, and UThink Blogs, http://blog.lib.umn.edu. The Assignment Calculator breaks down research and writing projects into manageable steps based on the due date. You can adapt your own assignment from a bank of existing assignments (e.g., research paper, speech, or video) or create your own from scratch. UThink Blogs has been in existence since 2004 and is the largest academic blogging site in North America. Many classes and departments use UThink for a variety of purposes. Come and learn more about both of these popular tools!