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Exhibit 28: The College of Liberal Arts Enrollment Tracking System CLA Student Services

Colin DeLong
Coordinator of Technology & Analysis

Tina Falkner
Academic Support Resources

Eric Perrino
Programmer/Systems Administrator

The Enrollment Tracking System (ETS) is an electronic tool providing near real-time information to academic advisers about their advisees and alerting them to those in need of assistance. The system includes a streamlined user interface for accessing detailed student records data, such as color-coded enrollment information, appointment history, major/minor program history, holds, and currently active alerts/warnings. Additionally, each morning the system automatically emails advisers about advisees with new alerts or warnings, who can then log contacts and set automated reminders for future follow-up. Administrators within the college can also view aggregate data and create reports to help identify trends. The system was built with extensibility in mind, easily handling the incorporation of new or altered data elements into its interfaces, filtering mechanisms, and access controls.