What is the Unix environment?

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Our first blog posts will be dedicated to describing CLA-OIT's Unix environment - for those of you who need a refresher, or those who did not receive a proper orientation to begin with.

The Unix environment is dedicated for use by researchers needing statistical analysis and data storage. We also operate a large number of database, web, and other servers that are "attached" to the same environment. Most of these servers do not allow direct logins, but provide access to the services they run. For example, you can connect to a database on a database server and use it, but you would not be allowed to log in because there is nothing else on the server that needs to be "exposed" to you.

We will focus on the individual components of the environment in upcoming posts. We invite any and all questions - let us know what you think or contact the CLA Service Desk at 612-624-4357 or 4help@umn.edu.

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