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Your Input Needed: Readership Survey

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The CLA-OIT Infrastructure Team has been publishing articles about our services in a new blog for the last several weeks. We would like to get your feedback about the content we've published so far. What would you like to see moving forward? Take our brief survey to help us out.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Server

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The CLA-OIT Unix Environment provides access to applications used for statistical analysis, including Stata, Matlab, and Mathematica along with robust, backed-up data storage for your research. On request, our system engineers can also set up shared folders for researchers who need to collaborate on projects. CLA-OIT runs several public servers that host these applications. No matter which server you log on to, you have access to all of your data--stored on our high-performance file servers, backed up daily. The screencast below explains the basics of getting access to our servers and how to work with your data.

Keeping it all together

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The most important thing we do for you is taking care of your documents and data. You've spent years collecting data, writing articles and dissertations, and you might be one hard drive crash, or stolen laptop, away from losing substantial amounts of work. CLA-OIT's storage offerings provide you with convenient, high-performance storage that you can access from anywhere in the world, with reliable backups that will protect you from most disasters.

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