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Recently we've been updating key applications running on our Linux and Windows servers. Read on for the major updates which include links to information about new features.


We've upgraded SAS on freya, the Windows terminal server, to version 9.3. We are still running SAS 9.2 on loki. Since loki is one of our older servers, and is already overloaded with the SPSS server software it is running, we have decided to move our SAS install to one of our new machines, apollo. This will be happening over the next few days.


We are now running Matlab 2012a on all our Linux servers and freya. We have not recently upgraded Matlab since there has been no demand for the newer versions, but we have received requests for version 2012a and decided that it was time to move on. We have also removed some of the older versions that we've been keeping around for backwards compatibility. We have done this because we needed to make room for new software installs, and also because some older versions stopped running under current Linux versions.


Stata has been updated to version 12 on all Linux servers.


Mathematica has been updated to version 8 on Windows and Linux servers.

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As you use the servers, you might notice that the "default" versions you get are different from one machine to the other. Since we do not have a fully automated method to deploy these applications yet, we might have overlooked some servers for some of the applications. If you notice something outdated or missing, on any given server, please let us know.

There are many other applications that we are running on our servers. Most of these are specialized ones that we will only update when explicitly asked. If you happen to use one of these and would like it updated, send us a request.

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