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On August 4, our Windows Terminal Server freya will be put out to pasture and replaced by a new Windows Remote Desktop farm. What does this mean for you? Instead of having only one server to handle your Windows computing needs, we'll have three (and possibly more). More servers means more CPU cores, and more memory available for your jobs. In fact, two of the new farm servers have 64GB of RAM and 32 cores each!

When you connect to the new farm, you'll be routed automatically to one of the Remote Desktop servers. If you already have an existing session on one of the servers, you'll be reconnected to it, wherever it may be.

The new farm will have a different name: wts.umn.edu. Starting in August, connect to wts.umn.edu instead of freya.cla.umn.edu. Note that freya will be retired on August 4, at which point incoming connections will automatically be routed to the new farm.

Questions or comments? Email us at 4help@umn.edu.

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