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March 26, 2007

School Closing

The Minneapolis school district is having a hard time supporting all their schools and one school that might be closing is Tuttle Elementary on 18th ave. off of Como Ave. What does this school closing mean to the community? To the children that attend Tuttle? Where will the end up being bussed to for school? How with the neighborhood fair once the school is gone and a big empty structure of a school stares out at its neighbors? Will anything be done with the building or will it just stand empty? Some concerned neighbors fear that all the closures and lost of funding to Como Southeast Minneapolis neighborhood with cause this area of the city to become like Flint, Mich. A beaten down poverty sticken place.

Tuttle Elementary(612) 668-1210

Both live in the Como Ave. Area within blocks of the schoool
Joel Russell (612)331-2322
Carly Guy (612)875-7653

March 6, 2007

Alcohol-related traffic deaths jump in 2005

I found this story on the Star Tribune's website. I was immediately interested because I have had a couple friend who recently got DWIs. The topic of the story is very ineteresting and probably grabs the attention of readers curious to the stats. However, the story has no personality. There are numbers and statistics in almost every paragraph and there are no people. Besides getting pulled over how is the rest of the world being affected? Why should I read the story I don't drink and drive... However, I enjoyed the Tribune's story much more than the one ran by the Pioneer Press:

This version of the story barely had any writing in it. There are Three paragraphs and then a list of the rest of the findings. It almost looks like no work went into the story. Both stories could use a little more umph I'd say but then again I see where that would be hard to do in a story about drunk driving and its consequences.

March 5, 2007

Home-delivered body parts probably for education

This story is out of the paper from my hometown Grand Rapids, Mich. The paper itself isn't anythign special but it's a big enough paper. Anyways I chose this story because on our scale of what is newsworthy this defintiely fits into the Unusual category. I liked this story because it seems like a story that is bound to be overplayed and sensationalized, I mean come on, human body parts arriving at your door, part of a head? You don't even have to try to sensationalize this to make it sensational. However the GR Press reporter did a good job of just sharing the facts and not driving for interest, the story is already interesting there is no need to horrify the reader.

The BBC News also covered this story in my little hometown (okay it is the second biggest city in Michigan and is much prettier than Detroit):

"He started the second one, but stopped as soon as we saw the ear," she told the Grand Rapids Press newspaper.

The BBC story was a little more exciting. The quote above isn't really sensational but it is a good because it is in her own words and it is just a bizarre thing to have to say. This quote was attributed to a GR Press reporter but not in the Press' story? That seems odd, however my guess is there were more stories about this in the GR paper so I would hope it made it in somewhere, how could you not use such an unusual quote?

Also, the BBC story jumps off the page a bit more than the Press' story, which isn't too surprising to someone who read the GR Press for most of their lives, most of their stories leave something to be desired.

Stocks cut opening losses

I found this article to be a bit jargony. I realize that most people stumbling upont the CNN Money section probably know about the Stock Market and all the abbreviations they use but what about the ordinary vistor? The story is hard to understand because its numbers and jargon. Maybe I should know what S&P 500 is but I wouldn't be able to understand this without going else where to find meaning. The story itself does not seem helpful to a reader is seems like it could be more effort to figure out what is going on in the story and most readers who don't know about stocks wouldn't read it.

Another story I found disscuss this same dip in the stock market, but it grabs the reader a little more and breaks down what is going on.

tenuous stock market saga overshadowed tightening gasoline supplies

The writer here is adding a little more pep to the story I like the idea, although this sentence seems kind of ominious, is it really a saga? But I still like the effort to pumped a little life into a story about numbers which for me is dull and I'm sure gets dull for other readers as well. This second story strays away from the jargon more but it still has too many numbers, I guess that is the territory with stock market stories.

Journalists: U.S. military deleted photos of attack

This story was interesting because its an instance where the U.S. Military, while they are fighting for freedom in these countries, takes away the freedom of the people. American photographers were allowed to pictures left and right but when some countrymen come up to get some photos (working for the AP) they are not allowed and their footage is deleted. Sadly, I searched for other versions of this story but everyone was just printing the AP version and not adding anything new or independent. Also, I am surprised not to see this story covered elsewhere I found one other story that made mention of it but not extensively.

Mid way down in the story they breeze past it but it the entire story gives you more context to what is going on over there. Neither story had strong Military comment about the situation. The only man willing to comment said he had not had any official reports of photos being deleted. CNN also had a additional story which was purely about the suicide bombing to add context:

This one seems more of a media ethics case, or a military ethics case that is. Freedom of the press is one of the institutions that helps keep the military and government in check and how can they do that when their points of view are being squashed because the U.S. Military wants to keep a story quiet?

In need of a roommate?

One of the trials college students go through during they college life is trying to find the right person to live with. Personally I've gone though 5 roommates, two were tolerable. During the beginning of fall semester and towards the end of the spring it is pretty easy to find someone to live with you if you need it. But if something happens mid year and a roommate moves out how do you fill that void? When none of your friends can move in where do you go looking for that person to split the rent with you?

University of Minnesota Off-Campus Housing Fair

Kelly Tomek, a U student looking to sublet her place, 612-776-0057