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Journalists: U.S. military deleted photos of attack


This story was interesting because its an instance where the U.S. Military, while they are fighting for freedom in these countries, takes away the freedom of the people. American photographers were allowed to pictures left and right but when some countrymen come up to get some photos (working for the AP) they are not allowed and their footage is deleted. Sadly, I searched for other versions of this story but everyone was just printing the AP version and not adding anything new or independent. Also, I am surprised not to see this story covered elsewhere I found one other story that made mention of it but not extensively.


Mid way down in the story they breeze past it but it the entire story gives you more context to what is going on over there. Neither story had strong Military comment about the situation. The only man willing to comment said he had not had any official reports of photos being deleted. CNN also had a additional story which was purely about the suicide bombing to add context:


This one seems more of a media ethics case, or a military ethics case that is. Freedom of the press is one of the institutions that helps keep the military and government in check and how can they do that when their points of view are being squashed because the U.S. Military wants to keep a story quiet?