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Home-delivered body parts probably for education


This story is out of the paper from my hometown Grand Rapids, Mich. The paper itself isn't anythign special but it's a big enough paper. Anyways I chose this story because on our scale of what is newsworthy this defintiely fits into the Unusual category. I liked this story because it seems like a story that is bound to be overplayed and sensationalized, I mean come on, human body parts arriving at your door, part of a head? You don't even have to try to sensationalize this to make it sensational. However the GR Press reporter did a good job of just sharing the facts and not driving for interest, the story is already interesting there is no need to horrify the reader.

The BBC News also covered this story in my little hometown (okay it is the second biggest city in Michigan and is much prettier than Detroit):


"He started the second one, but stopped as soon as we saw the ear," she told the Grand Rapids Press newspaper.

The BBC story was a little more exciting. The quote above isn't really sensational but it is a good because it is in her own words and it is just a bizarre thing to have to say. This quote was attributed to a GR Press reporter but not in the Press' story? That seems odd, however my guess is there were more stories about this in the GR paper so I would hope it made it in somewhere, how could you not use such an unusual quote?

Also, the BBC story jumps off the page a bit more than the Press' story, which isn't too surprising to someone who read the GR Press for most of their lives, most of their stories leave something to be desired.