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School Closing

The Minneapolis school district is having a hard time supporting all their schools and one school that might be closing is Tuttle Elementary on 18th ave. off of Como Ave. What does this school closing mean to the community? To the children that attend Tuttle? Where will the end up being bussed to for school? How with the neighborhood fair once the school is gone and a big empty structure of a school stares out at its neighbors? Will anything be done with the building or will it just stand empty? Some concerned neighbors fear that all the closures and lost of funding to Como Southeast Minneapolis neighborhood with cause this area of the city to become like Flint, Mich. A beaten down poverty sticken place.

Tuttle Elementary(612) 668-1210

Both live in the Como Ave. Area within blocks of the schoool
Joel Russell (612)331-2322
Carly Guy (612)875-7653