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Stocks cut opening losses


I found this article to be a bit jargony. I realize that most people stumbling upont the CNN Money section probably know about the Stock Market and all the abbreviations they use but what about the ordinary vistor? The story is hard to understand because its numbers and jargon. Maybe I should know what S&P 500 is but I wouldn't be able to understand this without going else where to find meaning. The story itself does not seem helpful to a reader is seems like it could be more effort to figure out what is going on in the story and most readers who don't know about stocks wouldn't read it.

Another story I found disscuss this same dip in the stock market, but it grabs the reader a little more and breaks down what is going on.


tenuous stock market saga overshadowed tightening gasoline supplies

The writer here is adding a little more pep to the story I like the idea, although this sentence seems kind of ominious, is it really a saga? But I still like the effort to pumped a little life into a story about numbers which for me is dull and I'm sure gets dull for other readers as well. This second story strays away from the jargon more but it still has too many numbers, I guess that is the territory with stock market stories.