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Tech gunman shot victims over 100 times


This story is another story about the Virginia Tech Shootings and what is left behind. It is mostly about evidence trying to figure out what happened and why it happened. The main focus was that Cho killed 32 people using 100 shots and many of them were shot many many times. It also discussed why Cho did it speculated mental illness or possibly drugs but they have not gotten the blood tests back yet. The final part discusses the fact that the police have not hard evidence connected Cho two the first two victims they found later victims matched the Cho used but the first two have not solid connection.

The most interesting thing I thought in this article was that they used an anonymous source quoting him as "an official close the investigation who spoke on condition of anonymity because the probe is on going, that source said "Authorities had to return to the victims' dorm rooms and homes to collect fingerprints so they could make identifications." Its an interesting deal because they could identify them, and its a better way of saying they could not identify some victims. Also, it serves as a less gruesome way to illustrate how destroyed some of the bodies were. I also found it interesting how describes in length why the source was anonymous, but he didn't reallysay anything telling could the reporter have not found someone else who could go on the record saying they had to collect finger prints to identify bodies?

Here is another story talking about the shootings
San Jose Mercury news "33 dead, 15 hurt in gunman's rampage at Virginia Tech"

The story from the San Jose paper went into much greater detail about what happened even though they are located much further away from Virigina than the first story out of the South Carolina paper. The San Jose story had student accounts and spoke with victims and witnesses and put a face on the story. Really the stories served different purposes the first story is more removed from the actually incident and is discussing the legal aspects and trying to figure out why and how this happened.