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More than 18,000 get naked for Mexican photo shoot


This story was about an artist from Brooklyn who routinely shoots nude photos of large groups of people. He has done shoots in London and Buffalo and now the biggest yet attracted 18,00 people in Mexico City. It is for art and for change the artist said. People need to be more open and understand and that is why he does this kind of art said Spencer Tunick.

The biggest thing that jumped out to me was that this was an AP story so it went through their editing then it ran on CNN.com hopefully being at least looked at by CNN's personnel and still a basic spelling error still made it on to the page they ran this "United Sates." Yikes.

Overall, it was a good story, vivid and used come good quotes from the artist. However, I think this would have been a more interesting story if they would have profiled the artist a bit. Get to u nderstand what he is doing and why. Really get a feeling for his art and his mission.


I liked this story that ran in USAtoday better because while it was not much longer and did not really profile the artist it gave better description of what was going on for example this passage really set the scene and lets you know the ethusiasm of those involved:

"The shoot had the feel of a rock concert. Volunteers did "the wave" between poses and chanted "Mexico! Mexico!" Some participants said they drove four or five hours to participate."