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BBC man missing for eight weeks


Alan Johnston a reporter for the BBC was abducted on March 12 from Gaza City where he was permanently stationed. The 44-year-old reporter has been missing for eight weeks and no one knows how he is doing. No demands have been made by his kidnappers. Palestinian Authorities, the BBC and the UK government have all been working as hard as possible to get Johnston released but so far no progress has been made.

The thing that was most missing from this article was details. The repoter used a lot of vague statments for example:

"But the Palestinian Authority, the BBC and the UK government say that they are working as hard as possible to secure his release."

What are they doing exactly? What have they done to contact the kidnappers? Who are they calling to try to find him? What exactly is being done? I do not know if the reporter asked these questions and just could not get answers, or if the questions were just not asked. There is so much more that could be added to this story but that was not I felt like I wanted more answers and did not get them in the story.


This story did not have much more detail on what was being done to get Johnston released, but with the lack of that kind of information this story covered other issues surrounding the the missing man. Since they could not tell what was being done the story provided more history on the situation surrounding his abduction and the history of the area in general. While The questions I posed before were not answered this story did provide that they heard Johnston was still alive. Also, I feel I got answers to the why it happened and who the man was in this story.

Overall, the second story was better because it answered more questions and went more in depth. I felt more satisfied by this story and I feel that the reporter for the second story did more work to get the story written.