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Dubai's palm island hit by blaze


A fire broke out on an island in Dubai. The island is man-made and shaped like a palm tree, and is suppose to be a huge tourism spot. No one was killed in this fire, but one man was hospitalized and two more workers were treated for smoke inhalation on the site. In January another fire broke out that killed four men and start discussion about improving the safety of the constructions sites.

This article seemed a bit short. For me there seemed like there was a lot more information that the reporter could have told us about the island itself and the previous fire. Other than that I thought the article was handled pretty well, it provided the basics and covered what happened.


I found this article much more descriptive, it really showed what had happen on the island and gave good visuals. Also, it provided more information about the casualties of the first fire, not only four people died but 57 others were injured the first article did not mention that. It also explained a little bit of Dubai's struggle to become a bigger nation and add some more tourism to it economy. This article was very brief like the first one, I would have liked more bredth.

Overall, I thought the second article better because I felt I learned more about the situation in that article then I did in the first article.