March 6, 2007

Alcohol-related traffic deaths jump in 2005

I found this story on the Star Tribune's website. I was immediately interested because I have had a couple friend who recently got DWIs. The topic of the story is very ineteresting and probably grabs the attention of readers curious to the stats. However, the story has no personality. There are numbers and statistics in almost every paragraph and there are no people. Besides getting pulled over how is the rest of the world being affected? Why should I read the story I don't drink and drive... However, I enjoyed the Tribune's story much more than the one ran by the Pioneer Press:

This version of the story barely had any writing in it. There are Three paragraphs and then a list of the rest of the findings. It almost looks like no work went into the story. Both stories could use a little more umph I'd say but then again I see where that would be hard to do in a story about drunk driving and its consequences.