May 7, 2007


Both my grandparents were journlists for the Grand Rapids Herald, which died with a lot of afternoon papers. My grandpa was the sports editor and we have pictures of him with Rocky Marciano. But was impressed me most was my Grandmother, she worked in a time when a lot of women were back at home. Eventhough I never really met my grandmother, or have no memories of her anyways, I have always been impressed with the kind of woman she was. For most of her life she raised 5 kids on here own, the youngest being only one when her husband died. Writing is a way a can feel close to both of my Dad's parents eventhough I never really knew them.

I've also been inspired by Hunter S. Thompson, and I know he is not a role model to follow especially in new writing, but what I love about him is he was out there crazy and found a place for his writing. It inspires me that there is a place out there for almost any kind of writing.

My final inspiration is sports. Up until I was 12-years-old I thought I was going to do for women what Jackie Robinson did for black men, I wanted to be the first female professional baseball player. Then I realized I'm not that good at, surprise surprise. But ever since then writing sports journalism has interested me, or even maybe broadcasting hockey games. I like the idea of writing sports because I'm passionate about sports and I think there is a lot of interesting stories out there to be writen.

Overall, I want to write for magazines. Someday I would like to be able to freelance. I think Magazines give a more creative outlet for writers. I also have some interest in putting together the story of my aunt (even if it i just for my family as christmas presents) because she was a very powerful and amazing women who died far too young.