July 22, 2008

Peer review guidline

Here are the questions you should answer for the peer review of the Literature Review.

You are expected to answering the following
Did they establish that it is important and or sociological?
Is the research question clear? Is it answerable?
Is the review of the literature clear and understandable?
Is there anything that is unclear or that you do not understand or is not familiar to you?
General comments and constructive criticism.

July 12, 2007

Peer Review handout

For this assignment you will be given a peer’s paper. You are to give constructive criticism and general comments. You may follow the outline of this Checklist followed by a paragraph or more of comments and critique. You may also write a one page-paper commenting and critiquing the paper. Remember a critique is intended to help your peers develop a great paper. The audience for this project is Sociology students so if you are unclear, confused or puzzled please point that out to your fellow student.
Turn in two copies of your review. One will be returned to the student and one we will grade.
Your assignment is due the next lab session.

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