July 30, 2007

dead blog- Stupid University

since the University does not seem to care that drug peddlers and perv peddlers are overtaking the U blogs I have ended all two way communication to the blog. This University can deal with technology. I was even threatened with missusing the system because I report every illegal trackback and comment. Well screw them!

July 31, 2006

Local bar scene

So, I really don't fit in here tonight. Most nights the railstation is a wierd/strange/interesting mixture of people. Mnay of them locals and regulars. Tonight has brought out all the people who can no longer stand sweating in their houses/apartments. Much like me, however, my little quite corner has been taken over by loud drunks. Now I realize that I am a loud drunk; but as Matt pointed out; these are drunk men. The kind of men I don't like. Or as Matt said "men". I think that they have stopped trying to get my attention. I do stand out being the only one at a bar typing away on a laptop; hey their the ones that installed wifi. At least I stopped working on my lecture and planning the labs for my TA's. Wow, now they are talking about strip clubs. One of them is here with his girl and her MOM!! I swear. The girlfriend (?) just complained that her man use to treat her like a stripper. Oh crap! There are so many other open tables why oh why did they have to sit next to me. No way! Drunk shaved bald biker is dancing to "ain't that a shame" (Don't know the artist). Thank god he stopped. Drunk 50 year old white man dancing to "seduce" his girl is making me rethink being here. Usually the crowd is a cool mix of bikers, locals, artists, roughnecks, bluecollar workers and youngins the retired; and many different races/ethnicities. Poor whites are winning tonight. As an ex (?) poor white I'm uncomfortable. I see that I'm not the only one noticing the 'table" next to me. Sly looks are being shot in the direction of the undoubtable loudest table. Oh wow. Now they are trying to figure out how they will get another round. I'm not kidding. They are talking so loud we could take up a collection for them. 20 bucks is money to burn. Ok, they just paid in change; I've been there, but making a loud joke to the waitress might be tacky. I have to stop with the racist jokes. OH HELL NO!!! The white dude just said something about hanging with the NEGROES! Buster had to leave after that comment. Didn't say anything just got up and left. Is it worse that their is a dark haired, dark skinned young man sitting at their table? The Negro comments seemed to be directed at him. I'd assume this young guy is Black. White dude thinks he's something cause he went to a school that has a High population of African-American students. White dude "was" a racist. Must end this..... no good can come of this entry. No good at all. Plus I'm bound to get caught. Oh crap. A drug deal is going down right in front of me. They think I can't hear or see them. I must really seem innocent to these people. Oh, now they are discussing going to another corner. Have I been caught? Or are they rightly paranoid? What are they selling? Things are getting crazy. Should I mention that this is the bar that had two windows smashed out because of bar fights? Now May be the time to play the blend in card. I think a laptop gives people the wrong impression. Or maybe the right impression. Either way I need a new impression. But, without the laptop these guys that are swarming are going to close in. I guess I'll pull out the textbook or maybe the newspaper. Later.

Playing laura Ingles

First I'm a bad North Dakotan since i don't even know how to spell Laura Ingles.... But I've always hated Litte House on the Praire. Maybe, it's cause my mom always forced it on me or maybe it's because I knew what it was like to live on the praire and wanted to spend my time dreaming about getting out. Sadly I'm now back and hours away from the home of laura. sigh. Life is strange. But the rant about Ms. Ingles comes from the fact that a small leak in a copper pipe has left me mostly without water. If I need water I have to turn the main water valve on and then turn it back off so that Matt's office doesn't become a swamp. So I now have jugs and bottles of water around the house so that I don't have to make the trip to the basement quite as often. I could, of course, call a plumber; but Matt is the one who "fixed" the pipe in the first place. He's on tour right now with Ryan Adams and gets back the 5th or 6th; I'm not sure just yet. SO I'm waiting for him to come back and fix the mess. I tell people I'm lazy, but they point out that I run up and down the stairs for water. The truth is I'm cheap. Stubborn. And I don't like strangers. but you likely knew all that.

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June 9, 2006



Yes soccer fever has hit! Whoo. Some great games and some great Sociology! Between the racism and the Nationalism and the sports action ... I'm in heaven (wait my idea of heaven doesn't actually include racism or nationalism) O.k. so I'm just really excited. Today's first match was Germany v. Costa Rica which is exciting because they are two different styles of play. Rough Germany playlists vs Fast passing/running Costa Ricans. I'm tapping the end so don't tell me the score. I hope Costa Rica wins...but they were down 2-1 at the half agaist the odds favorite. Can't count anyone out yet. First round is a round robin which means the team with the highest score wins. Next round is single elimination. Enough of a footbal lesson today. Tommorrow will likely have more great insights into the wol of soccer/footbal

June 1, 2006

Taking a break

So I haven't published anything in awhile and that might just be because school has ended and summer school has not started. It's been so nice to final have a break. Matt and I put in a vegetable garden. I've been doing a lot of yard work. I've found that I really do love gardening. I've planted 6 new flower beds since school got out and my neighbor just gave me some of her asiatic irises. I know realize that I pulled out a whole section of them when moving the rose bush, but now I've got some more.
Matt and I have been biking a lot lately. I've found I enjoy it, but I can't quite keep up with matt. Yesterday we took out our picnicing backpack and biked down to minnehaha creek for a picnic. I thought I was going to pass out on the way back. Luckily Minneapolis is relatively flat so I can get anywhere I need by bike now. Of course the question is how long would it take me to get back from the grocery store? I won't be able to by frozen foods on bike for awhile yet.

May 1, 2006

Gardening achievements

A gardener can never go wrong with rocks and metal! But I still think it looks interesting and it's about two more weeks until the next blooms come in (unless another crocus suddenly emerges....but I'm not holding my breath).

Picture 070.jpg

Hell has not froze over

It's been raining for days when do we get spring? Well I finally turned in the last draft of my Prospectus. It is literally in my committee's hands right now. I think I feel sick. I should feel a sense of accomplishment or at least relief, but I feel more nervous and anxious than I did before I turned in the damn paper. I'm still a little delirious from lack of sleep...but Grad school accomplishments do not give much satisfaction. My garden, however, is looking mighty fine. I'm feeling rather proud of the yard and garden. I'll likely post some pictures to "show-off".

Picture 068.jpg

April 29, 2006

Bush supports Tribal Sovereignty

Check out this clip. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Bush got something half right! Now can we get this statement in writing?

April 27, 2006

How to talk to a grad student

I love this strip.


My new hair cut

Here is a picture that shows my new hair cut. I'm pinning the corsage on my brother just before the wedding ceremony.
I donated my hair to locks of love. They make wigs for children with cancer.


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April 25, 2006

Rigby outside

Rigby would live outside if we let him. But he'd drive us all crazy with his barking. He barks at anything that moves...except his favorite pigeons.


Jude Devil

This is our dog Jude. The horns are appropriate, she isn't always the best behaved dog. But I love her. I mean look at that face!


Kitty Kong

This is our cat Azalea. She's the best. She thinks she's part dog/human. She rules the house with an iron paw....and super fast speed.


April 24, 2006

Matt and Maureen at the Ocean

Matt and I at my brothers wedding. if you look closely you will see that I am lobster red. I may someday learn the sun is not my friend.


My favortite new T-Shirt


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