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June 9, 2006



Yes soccer fever has hit! Whoo. Some great games and some great Sociology! Between the racism and the Nationalism and the sports action ... I'm in heaven (wait my idea of heaven doesn't actually include racism or nationalism) O.k. so I'm just really excited. Today's first match was Germany v. Costa Rica which is exciting because they are two different styles of play. Rough Germany playlists vs Fast passing/running Costa Ricans. I'm tapping the end so don't tell me the score. I hope Costa Rica wins...but they were down 2-1 at the half agaist the odds favorite. Can't count anyone out yet. First round is a round robin which means the team with the highest score wins. Next round is single elimination. Enough of a footbal lesson today. Tommorrow will likely have more great insights into the wol of soccer/footbal

June 1, 2006

Taking a break

So I haven't published anything in awhile and that might just be because school has ended and summer school has not started. It's been so nice to final have a break. Matt and I put in a vegetable garden. I've been doing a lot of yard work. I've found that I really do love gardening. I've planted 6 new flower beds since school got out and my neighbor just gave me some of her asiatic irises. I know realize that I pulled out a whole section of them when moving the rose bush, but now I've got some more.
Matt and I have been biking a lot lately. I've found I enjoy it, but I can't quite keep up with matt. Yesterday we took out our picnicing backpack and biked down to minnehaha creek for a picnic. I thought I was going to pass out on the way back. Luckily Minneapolis is relatively flat so I can get anywhere I need by bike now. Of course the question is how long would it take me to get back from the grocery store? I won't be able to by frozen foods on bike for awhile yet.