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Taking a break

So I haven't published anything in awhile and that might just be because school has ended and summer school has not started. It's been so nice to final have a break. Matt and I put in a vegetable garden. I've been doing a lot of yard work. I've found that I really do love gardening. I've planted 6 new flower beds since school got out and my neighbor just gave me some of her asiatic irises. I know realize that I pulled out a whole section of them when moving the rose bush, but now I've got some more.
Matt and I have been biking a lot lately. I've found I enjoy it, but I can't quite keep up with matt. Yesterday we took out our picnicing backpack and biked down to minnehaha creek for a picnic. I thought I was going to pass out on the way back. Luckily Minneapolis is relatively flat so I can get anywhere I need by bike now. Of course the question is how long would it take me to get back from the grocery store? I won't be able to by frozen foods on bike for awhile yet.