February 11, 2009

Peppers and new perspective

Reflecting on my drawings of a green pepper, I realize that I have a lot of revisions to make. First of all, there were a few drawings that I didn't understand and some that I forgot how to do. I also realized that I was focusing so much on whether I was doing the specific types of drawings correctly that I didn't concentrate about other parts of the drawings that were important, such as variety between pieces, composition, and scale. Drawing something bigger than it is in reality is incredibly difficult for me, and I realize that in order to get better at this I need to practice!

I really enjoyed looking at everyone else's drawings and their different takes on what they drew. I was amazed at the many different ideas! I realized that just by looking at other people's perspective, I got new insight on the things that I can improve on. I also need to buy a new pepper because I think that the one I have is starting to mold.


February 10, 2009

Examples of Line Quality

So I finally found the blog after sifting through the UMN website for a couple of days, and so now I get to make a couple of posts on the stuff I have been seeing the past few days that is relevant to our topics in class. Someone showed me this portfolio the other day that I think has great examples of line weight/line quality. You can see that the artist really focused on the line weight, making the outlines of the figure more distinguished that the detailed lines within the figure. Take a look at some of his stuff.

February 1, 2009

Contour drawings

I can't figure out how to read what anyone else has said so I hope I'm not redundant. But I think doing the contour line drawings and especially the gesture drawings has helped me focus on the object I'm drawing rather than what preconceived ideas I have about the object. Thus it is helping me draw more accurately.

contour drawings

I found that it IS very freeing and relaxing when doing a contour drawing to try to "trace" the subject with your pencil. I like this type of drawing because it's not supposed to look "good;" it's all about what the artist feels. It was a huge change for me because I am very used to doing realistic drawings; I hadn't done a blind contour drawing since elementary school, so it was exciting.

Focus, Focus, Focus.... Week 2 Contour/Gesture Drawing

I feel as if I had so much more success completing gesture drawings in class than I have this weekend. However, I cant seem to find out why? Maybe it is that here at home I have so much more distracting me and it is harder for me to focus on specific shapes and movement. I need to learn how to FOCUS! This has always been a problem for me... I can even read a few pages without taking 10 breaks in between the lines. agh...

Naseem (hope I spelled that right, sorry if I didnt) brought up a GREAT point in her blog! Seeming naked under a microscope when people are viewing your work is not something that only you feels!!! I feel it too! I think that if the group could be more vocal and give more ideas for improvement and complements this fear would soon diminish. In my color class everyone was a lot more active in helping others succeed and improve their designs, and I think we all need to start putting forth more effort in order to do this in drawing class as well. We are only going to get out of this class what we put into it :) I hope that I can start to feel more at ease with sharing my work, and that others will as well.

By the way, going around and looking at everyones gesture drawings was so much fun! It is so interesting to see how each person as a different style. It really made me realize how much of a person's personality is put into their work.

Oh, and an organic form..... like Naseem said, can be anything organic correct? Hope so :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend drawing! See you all tomorrow!

Back into the habit

While getting back into the habit of drawing again over the past week, I have realized that it's been difficult and stressful but enjoyable at the same time. It's been very difficult because getting back into the habit of drawing is time takes a lot of concentration and of course a lot of time. However, at the same time it's been very stress relieving being able to sit down and draw for hours at a time. I feel like I'm accomplishing something, because it's homework, but at the same time I can ignore my other responsibilities such as finding a job or reading pages and pages out of other textbooks. I found that I love gesture drawing, and I love drawing people. I think this is because I'm constantly studying different people and their actions and emotions, so being able to put this on paper very quickly seems very expressive.

Prior to posting this, I read Naseem's post, and I completely agree with her. It's very nerve-wrecking to have the class stand around my drawings and study and critique them. For me, drawing has always been something I've done without others' opinions and advice. I've always been very secretive about it, and I would hardly show my family or friends anything that I had created. It's difficult at times to feel exposed to new people, all whom which are very artistically talented. At the same time, I enjoy looking at everyone else's drawings to get their perspectives on what they are seeing and wanting to express.

January 26, 2009

Getting Used to Contour Drawing

Is it just me or was it really hard to get in the mindset to do contour drawing? I felt like I was just focusing on what the object is and not what lines/forms/textures would make it up. As the hour progressed I found it helpful not to think about what I'm drawing and just go for it. Then, the outcome of the drawings began to get more successful as i saw in my own drawings and others as well. Maybe we all just were trying a bit too hard, or maybe it's just me.

January 25, 2009

contour, portraiture, what have you

The most difficult aspect for me regarding drawing portraits is accurate shading. How does one create depth and add vivacity to an otherwise flat and two-dimensional image? Contours are more easy to create, I think. It's what lies inside these edges that becomes more dangerous water to tread.

I've worn down the corners of my art gum eraser perfecting and perfecting.

Oh, and I have a very hard time drawing noses. Does anybody know any techniques?

In the years I've been creating my artistic mark, drawing has never been my strength. I've never had the patience to learn how to see, control, and replicate lines, shadows, values, and details accurately. I will say, however, that from my own perspective, I think I've done quite well with this first assignment.

And I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's.