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Violence in the media

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In discussion this week, we observed reactions from children watching Barney and Power Rangers. The reactions of the children would suggest that aggressive and violent media can effect one's aggression and violent behavior later in life. I believe this is an important concept to consider.

In my opinion, playing violent video games and watching high pace, aggressive television shows does not impact the way that one will behave as they grow. According to both of the science daily news articles, there are studies showing that indulging in these activities do not correlate with aggressive behaviors and that there are many other factors that are necessary to consider when determining the way someone will act.

In my personal experience, there is no impact on aggression, anger, or violence from violent media. Of the many friends and family that I have, we have all been exposed to violent video games, movies, and television from a very young age. In my family, TV, video game and movie ratings were ignored from the age of about four. My brother and I have never expressed any more aggression or violence than your average person, along with any of our friends or family members.

The most aggressive people I know, were exposed to poor parenting, depressive and anxiety symptoms and poor living conditions. This is proof enough, along with the studies done by scientific journals that violent media is not the cause of aggressive behavior and that people need to stop blaming video games and tv shows and look at what the other more logical factors are. The simplest explanation is usually the most right and if you use a diamond decision making model you can also learn to evaluate this behavior for what it truly is.


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