Nature Vs. Nurture. How far does Nurture really go?

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One of the most interesting topics to me that we have been talking about in class is the Nature Vs. Nurture debate. While i think that both have a great deal with how a child develops, I recently read an article that proves to me that the social aspects of a child developing are almost completely due to how he is raised. The article was about children who had been neglected or abandoned by there families and who had basically been raised by animals. It seems that young children our so impressionable that any sort of parenting or family figure can affect how they develop. The article has multiple stories of kids around the age of three surviving and living with packs of dogs. They run around on all fours, bark, and even look for food with the dogs. What's stranger is that the packs of dogs eventually end up accepting the children into their group and become protective. As far as the animals or the children are concerned they are basically the same.
This has severe social consequences on the children. They have almost no social skills to communicate with other humans and some cannot even speak. As far as i know most of these children were born completely mentally and physically healthy just like you and me, however because of their upbringing they may never fit in to human society.
Here is the article if you want to learn more.

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