Alien Abduction

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The article I chose is about people being abducted by aliens. It talks about a couple that claimed to have been abducted while driving in their car. They couldn't remember anything for a two hour period and later when talking to a psychiatrist they seemed to remember details and both of their stories were the same in most details. The scientific thinking principal that I think this relates to is Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence. There were no witnesses or proof of the events that these people say occurred. This is a very unlikely thing to happen and with no proof it's hard to know if it is real or not. Another thinking principle that comes into play is Ruling out Rival Hypotheses. There could be other explanations then that they were abducted by aliens. They could have been making it all up for attention, their car could have been leaking exhaust fumes causing them to hallucinate, or perhaps it was a long ride and they were very tired causing either a dream or hallucination and one having told the other they both thought that id happened. They could only remember the details when they were hypnotized which is not an effective way to emerge memories. These could also be false memories planted be ideas from dreams. In a related article I read that the details they gave were similar to recent episode of "The Outer Limits" which is where they could have gotten the idea that planted the false memory. In this case we should consider Occam's Razor and go with what is much more probable, that they in some other way got the idea that they were abducted but really they were not.

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