Boundaries of the Brain: Cognitive Biases

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Cognitive biases have long been plaguing the minds of people by making "Systematic errors in thinking" (2). Looking into the topic I read the article at but now there is a new computer based system in the works called "Cognitive Bias Modification" which allows for a therapy to common cognitive biases. Some of these biases include "Hindsight bias" and "Overconfidence" both of which give us a security blanket making us feel safe in our predictions and in our biased thoughts. According to this article, "People who suffer from social anxiety typically focus on the faces of negative or disgusted people rather than people with happy faces" (1) and they do this without even realizing it. So these new computer-based therapies will eventually give the option to patients to completely change their negative thinking to a more optimistic point of view. This article does not mention anything about correcting the overconfidence bias possibly because the technology doesn't exist or possibly because our society in general is way too overconfident with their abilities. My question with this technology is will it work consistently and will it actually make an impact on the lives of the people who use it? Also how much further can we push the limits of this to change thought process in general?
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Our Lilienfield textbook Psychology, From inquiry to understanding (2)

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