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Consciousness is the awareness of our selves being exist, which is our subjective experience of the world and ourselves. But the important question is what is consciousness exactly? Is it fire power of the neurons? Is it the reaction of the chemicals? Or is it god? We can't measure the consciousness , but we can tell our existence by feeling and react with the world around us. The feedback from the outside world is the reflection of our consciousness. But What is exactly is it? We are nothing but trillions of atoms piled up items in this world, which is no difference than a rock. However, it is consciousness makes us feel our existence and feel our value. But that value is nothing and that existence is nothing. Because those are just different chemicals react with each other in our brain. And the sequence and patterns of those reactions is our awareness and our consciousness. Maybe that 's the reason why when we compare to each other we think we are so much powerful and yet when looking into the real world just feel so small and powerless.

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