Nature and Nurture Seperate Twins.

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As we learned in Chapter 3, nature vs. nurture is the debate that has spanned for many generations. Nature vs. Nurture, as defined in our textbook is the shaping of our nervous system by our genes (nature) and our environment (nurture). In other words, is our behavior affected by our genes? Or the environment in which we live in?

An example of the debate between nature and nurture would be the story of two thirty-five year old women that were seperated at birth and reunited in 2004. These women were raised by two seperate families in two different countries. One had been from Paris, and the other from New York. This study is the only one of it's kind that seperated twins at birth to test nature vs nurture.

The results of this study found that genetics make up more than 50% of their personalities, but they both have different stories and backgrounds in which they lived for thirty-five years. Also in a photo shown, it is indicated that the twin from Paris has darker hair, and the twin from New York has red hair. Also, the twins do not look as if they are identical; they look related, but not identical.

I think this story is interesting, because the person that decided to seperate them from birth refused to apologize, and there are still more out there that are seperated from their families for science. I also think it's cool that the twins look nothing alike as well. It adds to the science that maybe some people, given that they must look a certain way to fit in with their adopted families, alter their appearances to make themselves look different than the way that they were born. These findings are also locked away to be uncovered in 2066 at Yale University.

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