Sensory Memory

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Sensory memory is the brief storage of perceptual information before it is passed to short-term memory. Sensory memory is first one of the 3-stage- memory-systems. The other two are short term memory and long term memory. The sensory memory is the raw perception of the outside world. It perceives the world totally based on the biological senses, without subjective effect from the person's mind.
Humans have five main senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Sensory memory allows individuals to retain impressions of sensory information after the original stimulus has ceased. It is considered to be outside of cognitive control and is instead an automatic response. The information, which is raw data and provides a snapshot of a person's overall sensory experience, is represented totally in the sensory memory. There are 3 types of the sensory memory: iconic memory, echoic memory and haptic memory. The formation of the visual perception (aka sight) of the visual sense is the iconic memory. The hearing is represented by the echoic memory. The touch sense and over body detect sensations are represented by the haptic memory. And I think it is reasonable to assume the different psychological sense has a special memory sense. The sensory memory is different the short memory and long term memory, which is not with any other cognitive functions, such as comparison of information, and logical thinking, etc. In real life, the sensory is with us all the time, it is a gateway that allows the information to flow in mind. With the sensory we perceive the world with what it is, then transfer it to short term memory and to long term memory, which complete as what we think is our own mind. And that is the reason why the sensory is the most basic system of the memory system and yet the most complicated and important system in our human species.

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